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Customer management is a widely recognized strategy for a company to interact with customers. To learn more about how to benefit from your customers, watch customer management videos, call center presentations and other related videos on Customer Management IQ.
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Customer Service "Best Practices" Simply Aren't Good Enough
While hitting generic call center benchmarks and meeting so-called customer service "best practices" might seem like notable achievements, the reality is that your customers may be demanding significantly more. How can you deliver the experience they truly want?...View now
Checklist For Successfully Going Global with Your Contact Center
Sabre has experienced great benefit from consolidating and relocating its contact center to Uruguay. You can reap similar rewards--award-winning VP Jean Shaw reveals her 6-point checklist for successfully taking a contact center global....View now
Want World-Class Customer Service?  You Need a Good Story
Many call center professionals believe the key to successful customer service lies in well-crafted performance metrics and well-analyzed data. In reality, driving a quality customer experience might require nothing more than a good story....View now
Discover Financial's Tips on Elite Customer Feedback Practices
Discover Financial Services has developed a top-notch customer feedback platform over the years. CMIQ spoke with Discover's VP of Customer Service and Engagement about the company's program and the advice he would give for determining the merits of your own feedback program - large or small....View now
EMC Patents VoC Reporting, Aims to Cut Analysis to Minutes
Jennifer Bodzinski, who runs the VoC and quality reporting program at EMC, joined CMIQ to explain how the company adjusted its now-patented methods of evaluating Total Customer Experience (TCE) and how EMC is cutting VoC reporting analysis from days to minutes....View now
Bringing Contact Centers Back Onshore
David Kennedy, VP of Sales for BabytoBee, talks to CMIQ at the 6th annual Call Center Summit in Orlando. BabytoBee, an Inuvo Company, is a maternity markets web publication that provides content, and leads to its consumers. BabytoBee has recently partnered with Contact Centers of America (CCA). David discusses the challenges his company has Read more
The Importance of Metrics: CFI Group and the Contact Center
Sheri Teodoru, President and CEO of CFI Group, joins CMIQ at the 6th Annual Call Center Week Summit in Orlando to discuss how companies like hers survived the recession, and what survey results do for the contact center business. Teodoru and CFI work on analyzing metrics and coming up with successful surveys by asking customer's specific Read more
From Strategic Planning to Tactical Execution with the National Cancer Institute
MaryAnn Monroe, Director of the Cancer Information Service for the National Cancer Institue, along with Dawn Sittauer, the NCI's Contact Center Manager, gives a keynote presentation at IQPC's Government Contact Center Summit in Washington D.C. The presentation concentrates on how the National Cancer Institute's call center operates, how its reps Read more
Leveraging Partnerships with the Private Sector to Improve Operations
Rosetta Carrington Lue, Deputy Managing Director of Philadelphia's 311 Call Center, discusses how collaborating with the private sector when working in a government-oriented call center environment can benefit operations. Lue touches on thinking outside the box, and how 311 Philadelphia works effectively with the private sector. Want to hear Read more
State of the Union: Addressing the Latest Trends in Government Contact Centers
Dona Cage, an Executive Board Member of the CRM Association, opens IQPC's 2010 Government Contact Center Summit with a keynote presentation concentrating on the latest trends in call centers within the public sector. Cage talks about how the dynamic can be a difficult one since consumers and tax payers expect short turnarounds when it comes to Read more
42 results
of 5