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Eric Dodds

Eric works with the marketing pirates at Brains on Fire ( His study of marketing gave him a strong distaste for interruptive advertising, and he’s passionate about changing the marketing landscape for the better.

His evolution as a professional is a great story – which he’ll be happy to share with you over you beverage of choice – but it goes something like this: Eric started out at Brains on Fire as a Fearless Fact Finder and was an integral part of the Insight team. But now he’s what most would call a Community Manager – but he doesn’t. Eric has played an integral role in the insight, strategy, creation, and implementation of word-of-mouth movements for the likes Best Buy, Colonial Williamsburg and DoubleDay Publishing. But instead of “manage,” he works shoulder-to-shoulder with client’s employees and customers to fortify successful, long-term relationships between the two.

When he’s not working word-of-mouth (or writing for the Brains on Fire blog –, you can probably find him mountain biking, hiking, or building something in his workshop.

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