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Paul Selby

Paul Selby is a product marketing director for Customer Service Management at ServiceNow. His previous role was in services product management at Symantec, where he helped transform Symantec’s premium service into customer success offerings.

Paul began his professional career as a front-line technical support agent at Symantec and later moved into support management for three major productivity software products delivered from support centers in the United States and Canada. When Symantec sold one of those products, Paul moved to the new company to setup a new contact center to support that product. Later, he moved into product management, building his experience in this role at Sage, SAP, and Symantec. As a product manager, he has always valued the important role customer service and support plays in the customer experience. Most recently, Paul has spoken at the TSW and Pulse conferences on customer service and customer success.

Paul holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Oregon. An avid runner, he resides in Springfield, Oregon and can often be found putting miles in on the streets of his hometown.

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