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Trends in CX Design & Strategy: What Customers Think vs. What Businesses Think

What do customers expect from personalization, experience design and omnichannel?

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Kindra Cooper

Customer experience design

Personalization, customer experience design, omnichannel - these are three buzz-worthy CX areas businesses are heavily investing in. But how do we know if we're giving customers what they want?

In a CCW Digital Market Study on Trends in Customer Experience Design & Strategy, we did a comprehensive study on consumer preferences - what do they expect from personalization, what happens when they have a good or bad experience with customer support, what are their favorite contact channels?

These insights let businesses know if they are investing in the right things. Only 12 percent of customers say they've noticed "significant improvements" in how brands deliver CX.

We also wanted to know what businesses think: How are they coping with digital transformation, providing omnichannel CS and servicing customers to an acceptable standard?