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Customer Intent: 3 Ways To Determine What Your Customers Really Want

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Customer intent

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Don’t treat customers the way you want to be treated.  Treat them the way they want to be treated. We all love that adage, which is a simple reminder that customer centricity involves designing an experience for the customer.  An idea may seem wonderfully customer-centric within the boardroom, but if it does not directly speak to the demands of the customer, it is not worth pursuing.

What makes the situation tricky is the reality that customers can be unreliable narrators.  What they say they want is not always what they truly desire.  The interactions they choose to pursue do not always reflect their true preferences.

To address this challenge, savvy organizations are focusing on customer intent.  They aim to shape individuals interactions and overall experience journeys on what the customer is actually trying to achieve.

Customer intent will be a pivotal discussion topic at the upcoming CCW Vegas.  Ahead of the event, we detailed three ways to think about -- and better understand -- the intentions of your customers.

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