Day 1 | Tuesday | October 20, 2020

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If this pandemic teaches us anything, it is that business continuity and resilience go hand in hand and play a role in an organization’s disaster recovery

plan. Now that most companies have gone from business continuity planning to resilience, what is the transformation going to look like as companies

have settled a bit? Learn from this interactive panel on how to understand what business resilience is and how to incorporate this into your long-term

planning efforts.

  • How to create an effective business continuity plan and what business resilience means to your organization? Where does it naturally sit within your


  • What are your short and longer term visions for your business units?
  • What strategies do you implement to maintain your resilience within a high volume contact center environment?
  • Tips to improve customer service by developing emotional resilience. How do you maintain a positive customer service attitude?

James Walterick

VP, Member Services and Operations
Arthur J. Gallagher Insurance


Lynn Holmgren

VP Global Customer Experience & Customer Journey Management
TE Connectivity


Nadia Chaity

Director of Product Development, Exchange Division
Customer Management Practice


Nathan Nickens

Senior Analyst, Customer Contact & Conference Director
Customer Management Practice

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Business continuity and disaster recovery plans are essential for any organization. This spring, ServiceNow’s Customer Support team moved to a remote workforce almost overnight. 


We will share our strategy and tactics, including evolving communication and collaboration procedures, workforce management processes, and capacity modeling and scenario planning to ensure support continuity. We’ll also discuss our strategy for ensuring a smooth transition for returning to the office. 


Key takeaways:

  • Advantages of an ‘adapt, iterate, and innovate’ mindset
  • Ways to maintain the quality of customer service while transitioning the team from the office to remote, and back
  • How the right tools can help support move quickly in both planning and operations


Ravneet Gill

Senior Director, Technical Support Management


Shoeb Shaikh

Senior Business Operations Manager, Global Technical Support

12:55 pm - 1:35 pm Will Your Business Continuity Strategy Increase Customer Centricity?

Brian Cantor - Principal Analyst, CCW Digital Director, CCW Digital
Ellwood Neuer - SVP Solutions Engineering, Noble Systems

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The events of 2020 dramatically changed the customer contact landscape, but they did not universally weaken experiences. Leading brands were able to not only mitigate the impact of this year's events but turn focuses like remote work, digital engagement, self-service, and scalable contact centers into competitive advantages.

By exploring the anatomy of their successful business continuity plans, this discussion will reveal how they turned such intimidating challenges into unparalleled opportunities. More importantly, it will share actionable guidance for strengthening leadership, improving agent performance, and growing customer satisfaction as you prepare for the future of customer contact.


Brian Cantor

Principal Analyst, CCW Digital Director
CCW Digital


Ellwood Neuer

SVP Solutions Engineering
Noble Systems

1:35 pm - 2:05 pm Resilient, Flexible & Scalable Comms: How Contact Centres Can Transform Their CX

Mehmet Hussein - Technical Design Authority, Voxbone

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After an incomparable few months, one which has thrown the world into a recession, customer experience strategies are at the forefront of boardroom chats. The significance of retaining customers during a time of unparalleled change is key to business survival, and thus addressing customer queries in a timely fashion is of utmost importance. However, gone are the traditional ways of working, with many still required to work from home. This, along with the high volume of calls, has threatened the effectiveness of a CX strategy.

Contact centres need the flexibility to quickly scale up or down, with a robust infrastructure that is resilient - the ability to spike at times, then fall at others - without sacrificing quality.

In this webinar we’ll talk about how contact centers can harness cloud-based communications to facilitate rapid and agile expansion and differentiate your business by making your CX a true competitive advantage.

We’ll take a look at:

  • WFH agents - is there connectivity up to scratch?
  • How customer experience (CX) will define brands going forward
  • How a good CX strategy is built around a centralised contact centre
  • Case Studies of businesses have utilised cloud comms and made CX a core competency


Mehmet Hussein

Technical Design Authority