November 03 - 05, 2019
JW Marriott Marquis Miami, Miami, FL

Chief Customer Officer Exchange Miami | Event Partners

The Chief Customer Officer Council accelerates the success of customer executives as it helps them first create an explicit linkage between customer experience and business outcomes, and then develop strategies to innovate along the customer journey. The CCO Council is the first member-led peer-advisory network. Members enjoy nearly double the industry average CCO tenure. Their path to success is shortened by the tools and templates contained in the CCO Roadmap, game-changing ideas, and safe, unbiased peer support. The Council includes world-class CCOs from diverse industries, purposefully cross-pollinated with the most forward-thinking companies, large and small.

Chief Customer Officer Council Content Pieces: 

Powerful Influence on Customer Centricity

In this Bingham Advisory you’ll not only learn about the three types of chief customer officer authority: Positional, Borrowed and Earned, you'll also learn five ways to borrow and four ways to earn greater authority with specific examples of each, including methods that have been tested and proven by the CCOs that Curtis Bingham has worked with over the last decade.

The Customer Engagement Trajectory

In this Bingham Advisory you’ll learn the definition of customer engagement and how engagement can be measured. You’ll learn about the Customer Engagement Trajectory, a framework for understanding where engagement emerges in the business-customer relationship and provides its greatest value. In addition, you’ll also learn how real world companies such as MetLife, Oracle, and Riot Games are engaging their customers and enjoying bottom line improvements to revenue and shareholder value as a result.

The 2016 CCOC Guide to Customer Engagement

Customer engagement is the key to more loyal customers who willingly advocate, solve problems, and help you grow. Using this Customer Engagement Planner, you’ll create a compelling engagement strategy for the year. You’ll walk away with specific, practical activities you can immediately implement, which will increase customer loyalty—and revenue.

The Enhanced Customer Engagement Trajectory

Building on the Customer Engagement Trajectory, this article describes recent refinements to the Customer Engagement Trajectory model. It discusses five ways of engaging customers in collaboration, and seven means of engaging customers in advocacy.