Jay Hack

Co-founder & CEO MIRA BEAUTY

Jay Hack co-founded MIRA BEAUTY, the world’s first universal store and collaborative library for makeup and skincare. He currently serves as CEO of MIRA BEAUTY where he oversees strategy and development. Described as a “Mathemagician,” Jay graduated from Stanford University in Computer Science with an AI concentration before joining Palantir, where he helped Fortune 500 companies leverage machine learning for growth. With two machine learning patents and over ten years spent building intelligent data systems at scale, Jay is a recognized expert in artificial intelligence and its applications in digital commerce. A data genius turned beauty enthusiast, Jay created MIRA BEAUTY to provide anyone a place where they can experience the fun and reward of shopping versus the chore of buying. With over 100,000 products and counting, MIRA offers all skincare and makeup products from all brands and stores in one place, and at the best price. Brand and retailer agnostic, MIRA is a collective perspective: A transparent, honest and inclusive marketplace designed by the people and for the people. When he is not ‘hacking,’ Jay spends his time serenading his girlfriend on the acoustic guitar. Jay uses Supergoop sunscreen and CHANEL hand lotion religiously.

Wednesday, August 26

Wednesday, August 26th, 2020

12:00 PM The Future of AI for CX

In the current environment, artificial intelligence is more important than ever, especially for the customer experience. In this opening interview, Rebecca Jarvis, Chief Business, Economics and Technology Correspondent, ABC News, will interview MIRA BEAUTY's co-founder and CEO, Jay Hack, on how AI strategy is the path forward in an ever-evolving landscape.

Thursday, August 27

Thursday, August 27th, 2020

2:00 PM How to Leverage Customer Data to Drive Loyalty

Collecting and mining customer data allows for personalization across an omnichannel environment that connects touch points and drives loyalty. Traditionally rooted in marketing and sales functions, the strategy driving retention and loyalty through the customer acquisition process hugely impacts the end-to-end CX. In this session, we will examine the marketing aspect of the end-to-end experience brand experience across customer touch points and strategies for removing silos across CX, with several case studies from MIRA BEAUTY, a data-driven beauty retailer built on a modern personalization stack.