Pam Oliver

Senior Correspondent and FOX NFL Reporter Fox Sports

Thursday, August 27

Thursday, August 27th, 2020

12:25 PM Panel: To Transform Your Business You Must Urgently Transform Customer Service

We are in an unprecedented time in history where the strategy to move the needle on CX is accelerating at a groundbreaking rate. In a customer's day-to-day life, they use apps and platforms that provide great experiences, whether it is Siri in smartphones, recommendation engines on Amazon, or facial recognition on apps like Facebook. This “consumerization” of strategic advances has created new customer expectations. Your business must meet and exceed the best customer experiences on the market or risk losing your customers to competitors. 

In this dynamic panel, the most innovative leaders in our profession will share their thoughts how leading companies: 

  • Deliver world-class customer experiences that can compete with global superbrands.
  • Use AI as a customer service transformation agent
  • Deliver customer experience metrics that drive improved business outcomes

2:30 PM Panel: How to Integrate Automation into Service Experience Operations

Artificial intelligence presents one of the biggest opportunities for enterprises to deliver better, faster, and more effortless customer experiences. Whether via a customer-facing chatbot or agent-facing support technology, process automation raises the standard for both customer and agent experience alike.  

In this interactive panel, we will explore:

  • AI use cases across several enterprise organizations
  • Automation technology beyond the hyped chatbot
  • How AI can drive engagement and empowerment from agents