Tobias Voegtlin

CEO & Head of Passenger Servicing Operations & Managing Director Lufthansa InTouch

Tobias Vögtlin holds the dual position Head of Customer Servicing Operations Lufthansa Group and CEO Lufthansa InTouch.

Tobias joined Lufthansa InTouch in January 2014 as CFO. In this role he achieved the economical rehabilitation of the customer service network, which is recording positive business results for five consecutive years. In 2018 Tobias was appointed CEO Lufthansa InTouch. Within one year he substantially improved operational performance and reduced production costs. In January 2019 Tobias was given the operational responsibility for all Service Centres of the Lufthansa Group.

Before joining Lufthansa InTouch, Tobias worked for Buro Happold, a prestigious engineering company. Responsible for delivering comprehensive corporate finance functions, he gained extensive knowledge in international finance across continents and time zones. He worked as Financial Controller for Middle East, Asia Pacific & India, and as Regional Accountant for Central Europe and Asia Pacific. When based in Dubai, he established finance teams and developed business structures for companies in mainland China, Hong Kong, India, and the Middle East.

Tobias graduated with a Diploma in Business Management, Accounting, Finance & Investment, General Business Management at Technical University Berlin, Germany.

Wednesday, August 26

Wednesday, August 26th, 2020

1:30 PM Build a Best-in-Class Onboarding Experience to Lay the Foundation for Agent Success

It is vital to create a framework for new agents that supports their professional development and cultivates an environment that promotes job satisfaction. In this session we’ll discover how Lufthansa’s award-winning Employee Orientation Program is driving innovation, improving agent performance, and propelling job satisfaction through the roof.  

  • How to deliver job specific training that drives performance
  • Product training and offsite education
  • Build communications tools to imbue new agents with company mission