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Come hungry, we’re cooking up a banquet of the most timely and delicious topics facing customer contact and CX executives. While the final program is proofing in the oven, we’re delighted to share our CCW At Home content channels to whet your appetite.

The future of recruiting belongs to those who are quick to adopt new and creative methods of attracting applicants. In this session series, we’ll present solutions to the unique challenges faced by HR leaders charged with recruiting contact center agents. We’ll also explore best practices top brands deploy to fill their recruiting funnels and identify top candidates.

Beyond the experience delivered by the contact center, how are you prioritizing the design and delivery of the end-to-end customer experience? How does your organization foster a culture of customer experience? Don’t miss this dynamic conversation about customer centricity for the modern enterprise.

Do you wake up at night thinking about the future of contact centers? Is your contact center operating model positioned for success? Get up to speed on the latest contact center trends and join us for a critical examination of next-generation operational models.

Are you engaging with your customers on the most meaningful channel for them? Do you offer the channels that your customers prefer? We’re serving up a piping hot plate of strategic and tactical advice about managing channel offerings in your contact center.

Have you equipped your CX team with the tech tools they need? Are you maximizing the capabilities of the tools you have? We’re going to review a variety of approaches to managing the contact center tech stack.

Are you leveraging the full potential digital transformation can deliver for CX? Are you looking at both incremental service experience improvements and new products? This dynamic panel features cutting edge takes on digital products for CX.

The root cause of most hiring is poor retention. Decades of retention data has identified a covalent bond between low turnover, strong managers, clear career paths, and culture that emphasizes employee recognition. Join us for a critical analysis and spirited discussion about how best-in-class employers are deploying innovative solutions to tackle the perennial drivers of employee turnover.

Are measures in policies in place to protect customers? Is the greater team trained and in compliance with appropriate processes? We’re examining best practices for protecting customer data and managing a breach.

Are you using journey maps as a snapshot in time or a living and breathing experience map? Are you assessing journey touchpoints and redesigning them to deliver greater customer lifetime value? Grab your snorkel, we’re diving into the art and science of journey mapping.

Are you leveraging the power of AI to both cut costs and enhance the customer experience? Have you considered what automation can do to transform your agent experience? We’ll explore unique applications of process automation in the contact center environment.

Efficiency in the contact center is key, and efficiency is driven by effective performance management of agents and supervisors. Don’t miss this deep dive into cutting-edge approaches to talent management and development in the contact center.

Are you effectively exploring the power of design methods for the end-to-end experience? Have you connected the dots between CX, experience design and traditional design teams in your organization? We’re bringing a bench of heavy hitters to tackle the power of design at the crossroads of CX.

Are you using both technology and process improvement to drive quality across customer interactions? What feedback mechanisms are in place to drive improvement across the end-to-end CX? Join us for a spirited analysis of the top considerations for your current quality assurance model.

A business continuity plan (BCP) ensures that business processes can continue during a time of emergency or disaster. Done right, a BCP will ensure continuous service to your customers and is a vital risk mitigation strategy for your contact center. We’re exploring the questions you should ask when drafting your plan, bottom line business functions you must protect, and a step-by-step road map for building an effective continuity plan.

From business continuity planning to managing a decentralized workforce and scaling remote learning, the HR responsibilities for customer contact executives have never been more important. We’ll review how leading brands are building agile teams and equipping them with tools to provide world-class customer service in a post Covid-19 world.

Beyond the contact center, how is AI and RPA being used across the greater organization to influence the end-to-end customer experience? How can shared service automation technologies be leveraged for greater CX impact? Buckle up - we’re going all in on enterprise AI, technology incubation and innovation.

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