CCW 2021 Keynotes - Day One

1:00 pm - 1:30 pm KEYNOTE CASE STUDY: Driving mega scale digital transformation across global contact centres

Simon Separghan - Head of Customer Contact, RBS

·        Design and implement a strategic digital customer experience model

·        Implement game changing programmes across system, data, process/business reengineering, customer satisfaction and tool sets

·        Transformation is not a one-step journey: Recreating the entire suite of hiring/coaching capabilities, cultural, organisational behavioural to move up the digital maturity level

·        Solidifying vendor management for consistency, scale and pave the way for the next steps in transformation

·        The role of technology and culture in digital transformation


Simon Separghan

Head of Customer Contact

1:30 pm - 2:00 pm All-Star Keynote Panel: Five New Trends CX Leaders need to know to better prepare for 2021

Niall Gallacher - Principal Strategic Consultant, Calabrio
  1. The need for personalisation and the new face of customer journey: omni-channel and digital experiences
  2.  A new virtual world with the rise of Cloud, Bots and AI
  3. Achieving the next level of agility and employee empowerment through remote contact centres
  4. Leveraging advanced analytics to deepen your customer feedback
  5. The power of empathy in the new remote and digital world

Niall Gallacher

Principal Strategic Consultant

2:00 pm - 2:30 pm Case study: Rethinking customer journey to develop proactive and personalised digital customer experiences at scale

Service and support teams need a complete rethink on how they serve their customers. Digital first is about being proactive in the way you help your customers, who use a wide range of channels to seek out support. It is a priority now to not only understand but also be able to predict the customer needs. In addition to traditional phone & email channels, social media and mobile apps are all now part of the customer service eco-system. Join this session to hear how market leaders are proactively acting on the customer needs across a myriad of channels.

·        Why are digital customer experience strategies not generating desired customer satisfaction results?

·        How to create a single omni-channel view of the customer journey

·        How to measure customer satisfaction across different channel

2:30 pm - 3:00 pm Case study: How to Simplify Workforce Planning and Forecasting With Artificial Intelligence

3:00 pm - 3:30 pm Break

3:30 pm - 4:00 pm Case study: Driving next level Voice of the Customer (VOC) programme

  • Capturing feedback from multiple touch points including surveys, customer interviews and social media analysis
  • Leveraging analytics to identify trends and patterns
  • Sharing insights derived from the program to the relevant stakeholders to drive decision making

4:00 pm - 4:30 pm Communication Skills as Top-Priority: Hiring for an Omnichannel World

Brigham Tomco - CEO and Co-Founder, Emmersion

Companies can invest heavily in providing better tools for communicating in an omnichannel world, but if the agent on the other side of the phone/texting/emails/chatbot does not have the necessary skills to handle the conversation, the investment is wasted. This session will discuss how AI-powered automated language assessments allow contact centers to quickly and accurately assess language proficiency to ensure recruiting teams spend time with only those qualified to provide incredible customer experience.


Brigham Tomco

CEO and Co-Founder

4:30 pm - 5:00 pm Panel: Developing the future customer operating model with expanded digital footprints

Paulo Antonelli - Head of Digital Transformation, Pearson

·        Transforming and maturing towards the future customer operating model

·        Exploring the changing landscape of outsourcing vs. automation vs. digital workers

·        An integrated omni-channel approach to develop a much deeper customer relationship

·        Improving and expanding digital footprints through automation, chatbots and advanced analytics

·        Consolidating channels and systems to ensure advisors are best equipped for futures operating model

·        A multi-year journey on key initiatives including Single Customer View, IVR, etc.

·        Enabling transformation with the a keen focus on driving the culture change


Paulo Antonelli

Head of Digital Transformation

5:00 pm - 5:30 pm Case study: Key steps in approaching digital customer journey to ramp up end-to-end customer transformation

Marek Grabowski - Customer Journeys Director, Orange

As companies gathered comprehensive understanding of customer behaviors and journeys through traditional customer channels, they are now turning their efforts to digital touchpoints and striving to deliver the same level of insights across these increasingly important channels. This session will provide practical insights into the approach and key steps of achieving that:  

·        Defining your digital customer journey: What’s the method and approach

·        What are the key steps to manage digital customer journeys

·        How to leverage self-service, Chabot & Voicebot across your digital touchpoints

·        What are the different analytical support to drive customer insights

·        Speech/Text Analytics vs. AI & Machine Learning: What are the key lessons learned

·        How to building the capabilities to drive end-to-end customer transformation


Marek Grabowski

Customer Journeys Director