As we are ready to turn the page from 2020, there is so much to reflect on! We missed seeing you face to face this year, however we are humbled with the tremendous  amount of support we have received from the community when running our virtual summit.

There has been so much knowledge, insights and experiences being passed on  and these are absolutely critical for the industry to stand together to weather the ongoing crisis.

Before we wrap up the year, we are organising a special gathering as a  giveback to the community to thank you for your continuous support:

On 16th December, we have sought out some of the industries finniest to share their exclusive insights from 2020 with you and just 24 others! These sessions are for Senior/VP/Director attendees only to facilitate key discussions and networking in a secure environment.

These "Best of 2020" sessions will be for Senior Executives only as a chance to connect  and reflect on what has been a turbulent year! Filled with key takeaways, networking and on the spot prizes, plus  thank you gifts from us for another year of support. 

Our Best of 2020 Sessions include: