Regional Fireside Chats: UK & Ireland

26th January- timing 11:00am – 12:00pm GMT

Use AI-Powered Telephony to Deliver Scalable Human Centric Service

Today, customers use an average of 10 channels to communicate with companies. With this, the importance of having a unified digital experience continues to grow and has rapidly accelerated in 2020. A key channel that is not going away is phone - and while it hasn’t been treated historically like a digital channel, what would happen if it was?

Phone remains the #1 channel for customer service, and by embedding it directly into the tools your agents use, you will be able to truly provide support from anywhere with a complete view of your customers. Join us for an engaging conversation around how telephony is changing and how you can leverage automation and intelligence to deliver the human centric support your customers are expecting.

Regional Fireside Chats: UK & Ireland

3rd December - 10:00 -11:00 am GMT

Personalisation at Scale – Embracing Digital Customer Experience

Consumers expect a highly personalised experience with companies — every time they interact, regardless of channel. During these unusual times, it’s important to understand what it takes to offer personalisation, whilst being able to provide a brilliant customer experience at scale. Join experts from Genesys and Sabio as they discuss how innovative technologies and processes can be used to deliver personalised, digital customer experiences.

Key takeaways you can expect from the session:

  • Key insights into fast and easy ways to develop and connect customer journeys
  • Practical tips to optimise not only your customer but also your employee journeys across all engagement channels
  • How to leverage AI and automation in in predicting and providing personalised experiences at scale

Chris Woodward, CEO, Anana

David Kime, Head of Solutions & Innovation, Anana

Stuart Dorman, Chief Innovation Officer, Sabio

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