Paulo Antonelli

Head of Digital Transformation Pearson

Paulo Antonelli is the Head of Customer Support (Digital Transformation) at Pearson. During his 20 years at Pearson, Paulo has managed some key business transformation in the educational sector such as the transition from paper-based to online marking of exam papers and moving thousands of face-to-face events to online training for examiners. More recently, Paulo has deployed a number of cloud and technological solutions to drive efficiency and improve customer experience in the contact centre. Paulo has recently received Pearson awards for "Outstanding Business Partner in 2020" as well as being "The most supportive manager for apprentices in 2020". He has also received an appreciation letter from the UK government for his services in education during the 2020 pandemic. Paulo holds a degree in Information Technology and earned an MBA from the London Metropolitan University as well as a Master of Digital and Technology Solutions (Apprenticeship) from the Manchester Metropolitan University. During his free time, Paulo enjoys exercising outdoors and watching his favourite TV shows while eating the largest pizza he can find.

CCW 2021 Keynotes - Day One

Tuesday, February 23rd, 2021

4:30 PM Panel: Developing the future customer operating model with expanded digital footprints

·        Transforming and maturing towards the future customer operating model

·        Exploring the changing landscape of outsourcing vs. automation vs. digital workers

·        An integrated omni-channel approach to develop a much deeper customer relationship

·        Improving and expanding digital footprints through automation, chatbots and advanced analytics

·        Consolidating channels and systems to ensure advisors are best equipped for futures operating model

·        A multi-year journey on key initiatives including Single Customer View, IVR, etc.

·        Enabling transformation with the a keen focus on driving the culture change

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