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05 - 08 October, 2020 | Amsterdam

Keep on track of your customer expectations

Keep on track of your customer expectations

We've partnered with #CCWEurope sponsor Content Guru to bring you this content piece.

In a world of continually changing demands and constant exposure to social media outlets, the ability to meet customer expectations is becoming increasingly important for organisations.

Rail Delivery Group (RDG) is responsible for all rail services in the UK, overseeing a record 1.7 billion business and leisure journeys in 2017, and facing rapidly-increasing customer demand for real-time service information. RDG's legacy communication systems were unable to scale to match the spikes in contact volume caused by extreme weather conditions and lacked intelligent passenger support capabilities. RDG therefore needed a scalable solution that could evolve to meet changing expectations and provide superior customer service.

RDG looked to Content Guru’s multi-award-winning cloud contact centre platform, storm®, to implement a three-phase optimization plan, addressing the immediate challenge of scaling to meet ever-growing demand, while introducing seamless omni-channel features to support evolving passenger expectations.

Download this case study to learn more about how cloud technologies address the various challenges that come with providing excellent customer service for today’s customers.

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