09 - 11 September, 2019

CCW Europe 2018 partners include:

Media Partners

Website: http://www.aboutmatch.co.uk

AboutMatch is the smart way to find suppliers to meet your customer contact needs. Simply enter your requirement for a product or service into our free-to-use website and, presto, get matched with vendors who can help. From multi-channel customer management outsourcers to sales specialists, from customer experience consultants and the... Read More

Brand Quarterly
Website: http://www.brandquarterly.com/

Brand Quarterly magazine champions a holistic approach to building a brand and recognizing the presence of that brand in all aspects of business. Providing marketers and business people alike with a content rich, visually appealing resource, to help successfully grow their personal, public, company and employee brands.Visit BrandQuarterly.com for the... Read More

Call Center IQ
Website: http://www.callcenter-iq.com/

Formed through the union of Call Center Week, the world’s largest and most influential customer service event, and Customer Management IQ, the world’s largest and most influential customer service online platform, Call Center IQ reigns as the most significant community, resource hub and advisory for call center and customer experience... Read More

Website: http://www.cca-global.com

CCA is the leading independent authority on contact centre strategies and operations. Over 800 organisations currently subscribe to CCA services. This equates to a network of over 5,000 senior practitioners, employing between 35%-45% of the contact centre population in the UK. Around 20%-25% of people working in a contact centre... Read More

Website: http://www.crmxchange.com

CRMXchange has developed unique industry insights into the business intelligence and professional programs required for successful operations. Known by our audience as the "event site," we are experts in Webcast hosting. Visitors to the site can participate in over 100 yearly interactive educational webinars. Register free with CRMXchange to receive... Read More

Customer Experience Magazine
Website: http://www.customerexperiencemagazine.co.uk

Customer Experience Magazine is the online magazine for customer experience professionals. A free magazine for business professionals to share ideas and best practice in customer experience insight and improvement and related information. Customer Experience Magazine was founded in 2010 and is pleased to work in partnership with many organisations and... Read More

Customer Experience Professionals Association
Website: http://www.cxpa.org

Founded in April 2011 and led by experts in the field, the Customer Experience Professionals Association (CXPA) is a global non-profit organization dedicated to the advancement of customer experience management best practices. It provides customer experience management professionals with educational and networking opportunities to help them succeed, and it facilitates... Read More

Customer Management Insights
Website: http://www.cmimagazine.it/

CMI Customer Management Insights is the magazine for Customer Experience and Customer Centricity. We nourish the culture of the customer relationship management, with a set of information tools, white papers, debates, researches and network creation on technological and organisational innovations for Customer Centrity and Customer Experience strategies. Read More

CX Network
Website: http://www.cxnetwork.com

At the CX Network you can share ideas, best practice and solutions for those in the market who have the greatest customer experience and management challenges. Through online offerings you can ensure your brand is exposed to high level decision makers who have a need for solutions like yours. We... Read More

Institute of Customer Service
Website: http://www.instituteofcustomerservice.com

The Institute of Customer Service is the independent, professional membership body for customer service. Founded in 1996, and formally incorporated in February 1997, we help our members improve their customers’ experience and their own business performance. We deliver we deliver tangible benefits to individuals, organisations and stakeholders. We are the... Read More

Website: www.telcoprofessionals.com

TelcoProfessionals (TP) is an interactive, content rich, blog- and video-centric online community, and business exchange, developed exclusively for the Telecom and Media industry. We are dedicated to individuals working in the industry globally, as a place they can find and help each other get ahead. TP includes a full Telecom... Read More

Website: http://www.telecompaper.com/

Telecompaper is a respected, well known and independently operating press agency and market research firm, with a dedicated focus on the international Technology, Media and Telecommunications sector (TMT). Telecompaper has a global focus however, with a network of correspondents branching out across Europe, the United States, China and beyond. Telecompaper... Read More

Telecom Reseller
Website: http://www.telecomreseller.com

Telecom Reseller is your source for news, information and insight on UC, Cloud and Collaboration. We report extensively on enterprise grade cloud, mobility, Skype, WebRTC and on prem based solutions. Our eBulletins, podcasts, broadcasts, online and print editions reach over 40,000 qualified readers. For a free subscription visit http://telecomreseller.com/subscribe-form/. Read More

The Forum
Website: theforum.social

As champions of best practice and professional development in customer contact, we are widely recognised as an innovative, inclusive and independent community of professionals who stimulate collaboration, continual learning and customer focus.As a member, you are not on your own but part of a community with others facing many similar... Read More

UK Contact Centre Forum
Website: http://uk-ccf.co.uk/

The UK Contact Centre Forum is the regional contact centre user group for London, South East, Midlands, Yorkshire, Northern Ireland and East of England. Read More

LinkedIn Partners

Call Center Manager Guru's
Website: http://www.linkedin.com/groups/3725388

Call Center Manager Guru's LinkedIn Group is for Managers who have "out of the box" ideas - the BEST of the BEST. This group is for ideas.. suggestions.. theories etc.. Read More

Customer Care Management
Website: http://www.linkedin.com/groups/1079387

The Customer Care Management group focuses on bringing your peers from the larger community together to discuss ongoing issues and trends in the Customer Care industry. There are a wide variety of statistics available which show that ways in which customers expect pre and after sales service have long term... Read More

Call Center Pros
Website: http://www.linkedin.com/groups/56661/profile

The Call Center Pros are a LinkedIn Open Networkers - Executives Only group, which is made up from many industries: ACD, BPO, Call Center, Contact Center, CRM, Infrastructure, PBX, Telecom, Voice Recognition and Workforce Management. This is not open to short term call center employees. Read More

Consumer Insights
Website: http://www.linkedin.com/groups/82544

The Consumer Insights Interest Group aims to connect professionals working with Consumer Insights. We encourage members to share experiences and best-practices with regards to understanding, uncovering, articulating and validating Consumer Insights and to learn from each other. Read More

ContactCentre Professionals
Website: http://www.linkedin.com/groups/53239

This group invites contact centre, call centre and help desk professionals from all verticals. This group provides a forum for contact centre recruitment and discussion of managerial, technological and other matters facing professionals in the contact centre field. Non-repetitive promotion of services and technologies specific to contact centres and contact... Read More