09 - 11 September, 2019

Hui Wu-Curtis

Senior Director, Global Customer Care Strategy
Choice Hotels International

8:40 AM Keynote story from the CCW Global Award Winner Challenge the status quo to deliver true business value and results!

Data is not insight. How do you turn large amounts of data collected in contact centres into meaningful insight that drives true business value and results for the rest of the organisation? This session will provide a case study of Choice Hotel’s journey transforming their contact centres to be true drivers for humanising the customer experience while creating business value and results for other parts of the organisation. 
  • Understanding how to turn data and KPIs into true insight that drives business value for the rest of the organisation – repositioning contact centres to be more outward facing and strategic
  • Taking a process excellence and competence based approach focusing on solving customer pain points
  • Internalizing the review - Rethinking how your contact centre internal quality processes relate to customer experience and business results
  • Sharing key lessons learned, where we are and what is next for social media, AI and analytics.

11:10 AM IDG P - Translating customer analytics into customer intelligence

  • Driving customer analytics through different channels
  • It’s not just about data, reports and analytics, it’s what you do with them
  • Testing the customer intelligence driven from customer analytics 

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