09 - 11 September, 2019

Marion McDonald

Former SVP, Global Head of Operational Services, Global Contact Centres

2:30 PM Masterclass G - Key lessons learned through mega scale global digital transformation in contact centres

Marion led AIG’s contact centre digital transformation across 264 contact centres in 98 countries, involving 80,000 employees and agents. She will share some of the most comprehensive and valuable insights throughout the multi year journey: 
  • Design and implement strategic customer experience/engagement model taking into consideration of the customer and employee perspectives
  • Implement game changing programs across system, data, process/business re engineering, customer satisfaction and tool sets
  • Transformation is not a one step procedure: Recreating the entire suite of hiring/coaching capabilities, cultural, organisational behavioural  to move up the digital maturity level
  • Solidifying vendor management for consistency, scale and pave the way for the next steps in transformation 
  • The role of technology and culture in digital transformation

Check out the incredible speaker line-up to see who will be joining Marion .

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