Olivier Mourrieras

Founder CX-impact

Main Conference Day One

Tuesday, October 8th, 2019

2:00 PM Service design driving a customer-centric enterprise

·         Is your service designed for your customers needs?
·         Developing competencies and capabilities internally 

Post-Conference Masterclass: Executive School for Service Design

Thursday, October 10th, 2019

9:00 AM Executive School for Service Design: Fundamental tools, methods & best practices on applying service design to solve your business challenges

In this workshop you will experience the power of service design thinking first hand. You’ll not only become familiar with the fundamental tools and methods of service innovation, but also learn about the strategic design process.
The tools of service design are easy to grasp and easy to use, but are rooted in business reality and bring powerful clarity and insight. They can be used to design unique services or service components which will stand out from the competition, or to optimise existing services around what the customer really wants, cutting away wasteful efforts and concentrating on a unique customer experience across various on- and offline channels.
The key take-away of the workshop will be the ability to apply several tools to your own business problems in order to innovate towards new value propositions. You will be able to instigate real service innovation projects into your organisation, leading small project teams focused on individual service elements, or developing new value for your entire service offering.
— Ethnography
— Personas
— Stakeholder Mapping
— Value Network Mapping
— Customer Journey Mapping
— Service Blueprinting
— Business Model Canvas
— Service Prototyping
— Investigative Rehearsal
The workshop is limited to 30 participants, and will be highly practical. You will learn about the service design process, methods and tools by working on a project in a small team, with short periods of reflection on the theory behind contemporary service innovation methods. In addition, a unique framework is introduced that integrates the Service Design tools with your business model as well as your operations and business strategy. Confidential feedback sessions are offered around the workshop, giving participants the opportunity to receive input from the mentors on individual challenges from their work and project experience.


Part ONE
  • Introduction to Design Research & briefing
  • Executing Design Research
  • Service Design Basics (stakeholder constellation, personas, customer journey maps, service ecosystem maps, service ad)
  • Reflection and Q&A

Part TWO
  • Advanced Tools (emotional maps, dramatic arcs, advanced sketching and ideation)
  • Prototyping & Testing (prototyping framework and overview, investigative rehearsal, desktop walkthrough, paper/cardboard prototyping)
  • Reflection and Q&A

  • Business tools and backgrounds (Service Dominant Logic, Business Model Canvas, Business & Service Framework)
  • Service Design project planning and management
  • Reflection and Q&A

Check out the incredible speaker line-up to see who will be joining Olivier.

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