CCW Executive Exchange March

March 22 - 24, 2020 | Miami, Florida

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View Full Event Agenda | CCW Executive Exchange Miami 2020

March 22-24, 2020 | Miami, FL The CCW Executive Exchange is the only event of its kind that exclusively brings together senior CX & Customer Contact Executives. Check out the agenda to see what we have planned including:A Fierce & Female PanelInsight, Innova ...

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CCW Executive Exchange Solution Providers Guide

The CCW Executive Exchange is the only events of its kind. For 2 1/2 days, on an invitation-only basis, our guests enjoy a closed-door benchmarking environment that allows them to work with solution providers on developing strategic campaigns for active projects. View the 2019 Executive Exchange Solution Providers Guide for...

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2019 Post Show Report | CCW Executive Exchange Miami

The CCW Executive Exchange this past spring was an amazing experience and we're returning to Miami next March 22-24, 2020. View the 2019 Post Show Report to learn more about what happened at the CCW Executive Exchange this past March including top highlights of the event, audience breakdown, reviews &...

2019 Attendee Snapshot | CCW Executive Exchange Miami

Interested in attending CCW Executive Exchange? Take a look at this list to find out who attended in 2019.

2018 Attendee Snapshot | CCW Executive Exchange Miami

Interested in attending CCW Executive Exchange? Take a look at this list to find out who attended in the 2018.

Delegate Journey Mapping | CCW Executive Exchange Miami

Curious about the CCW Executive Exchange experience as a delegate? Check out our Delegate Journey Map to get an overview of the process.

CCW Digital Special Reports

Special Report: Contact Center Security and Fraud Prevention

Efforts to increase customer security have historically created frustration for customers and agents. Conventional initiatives for reducing customer effort, on the other hand, can leave contact centers vulnerable to fraud. Call it a Catch-22. Call it a vicious circle. But after reading this special report, you'll be able to call...

How to Choose a WFM Provider

Every contact center leader’s job is to balance the omnipresent tension between achieving expected service levels and managing operational costs. This delicate balance comes with other considerations like the employee experience and it’s knock-on effect on the customer experience.Workforce management has never been more important in a day and age...

Special Report: Remote Agents

Engaged and empowered agents can be the gateway to an exceptional customer experience. They foster legitimate connections with customers. Take a look at this special report to learn more about remote agents and remote workforce strategies. 

Special Report: Contact Center Learning & Development

This special report details how to create a learning program that will yield happy agents, happy customers, and ever-improving business results.Topics include:Customer demands you must consider when coaching agentsThe impact of chatbots on agent developmentThe connection between agent learning and retentionBest practices for measuring return on contact center learning4 signs...

The State of Chatbots

What challenges are preventing us from making the most of chatbot investments? How can we ensure our chatbots are truly elevating the customer experience? This special report has the answers. It details a customer-centric blueprint for implementing, measuring and optimizing chatbots through artificial intelligence.

Special Report: Augmenting Contact Center Automation

Eighty-eight percent of customer contact leaders expect automation to improve agent workflow or elevate agent performance.What will it take to make that expectation a reality? This report has the answers. It reveals how to reap the rewards of automation’s most significant, most exciting promise: augmenting the contact center - and...

Special Report: Elevating Call Center Authentication

When customers call for support, can you provide the right experience?There are two facets to that question. One involves whether you can deliver a fast, hassle-free, personalized interaction. The other concerns your ability to properly identify the customer – and secure the conversation.CCW Digital’s new special report on Elevating Call...

2018 Content

Exclusive Interview with Libba Saptisky

The CCW Executive Exchange continued to live up to its reputation as speaker Libba Sapitsky, Senior Vice President of Customer Experience for Siemens Healthineers spoke last year.Siemens Healthineers, among its many accomplishments, was ranked 23 on Forbes' Global Fortune 500 List. We spoke with Libba for an exclusive interview to...

Electronic Arts Worldwide Exclusive Interview

We were able to sit down with Crystal Collier, Head of Strategy, Program & Insights for Electronic Arts Worldwide to better understand how they have been so successful with their Customer Experience initiatives and to talk about what is important for them to maintain their impeccable reputation in the market.In...

Solution Spotlight: Jeff Saenger, VP of Customer Success, Helpshift

We sat down with Jeff Saenger, VP of customer success at Helpshift, take a look! 

Past Speaker Presentations

Karen Tang, VP, Customer Success & Support, Prezi

Karen focused on delighting our customers at Prezi, and led the customer success and support teams. She led the effort of growing Prezi into teams and businesses, and in helping these teams adopt and maximize value out of the product. Prior to Prezi, she spent six years at Google in...

Session Infographic: Your Challenges, Answered

The contact center landscape is always evolving and transforming. So this year, CCW Executive Exchange agenda has been built to answer your top challenges to support your journey to excellence in both focus areas – giving you access to the most innovative strategies that will help you offer effortless customer...

CCW Executive Exchange Past Presentation - Cathy Cox

Self Service vs. Assisted Service - The New Battlefield of CXPresented by: Cathy Cox, SVP - Omni Channel Strategy Business Lead, SunTrust BankMissed a CCW Executive Exchange? Customer experience can include a lot of elements, but it really boils down to the perception the customer has of your brand. Even...

CCW Executive Exchange Past Presentation - Hui Wu Curtis

Emerging Technologies in the Utility Industry to Meet Today's Customers' ExpectationsPresented by: Hui Wu-Curtis, GM, Customer Service Operations & Strategy, APS (Arizona Public Service)

CCW Executive Exchange Past Presentation - Sue Martin

Leading CX Transformation is a Customer-Focused Tech OrganizationPresented by:Sue Martin, VP, Global, Customer Service,