2019 Special Reports

Special Report: Contact Center Security and Fraud Prevention

Special Report: Contact Center Security and Fraud Prevention

Efforts to increase customer security have historically created frustration for customers and agents. Conventional initiatives for reducing customer effort, on the other hand, can leave contact centers vulnerable to fraud. Call it a Catch-22. Call it a vicious circle. But after reading this special report, you'll be able to call it a thing of the past.

Amid growing concerns about data security, our report offers a game plan for proactively preventing fraud AND creating more customer-centric authentication experiences.

Topics include:

  • Three reasons contact center security is more urgent than ever
  • Five ways you're actually making your contact center MORE vulnerable
  • 6 steps for improving security and fraud prevention
  • How technology and strategy come together to achieve success
How to Choose a WFM Provider

How to Choose a WFM Provider

Every contact center leader’s job is to balance the omnipresent tension between achieving expected service levels and managing operational costs. This delicate balance comes with other considerations like the employee experience and it’s knock-on effect on the customer experience.

Workforce management has never been more important in a day and age where agents expect flexible schedules, self-service, integrated desktops and simple interfaces. 

In this How To Guide, you’ll learn about forecasting labor requirements in the contact center, scheduling staff and managing employee performance.

Discover how to tailor your WFM strategy to the demands of the modern omnichannel contact center, where agents are likely to interact with multiple customers simultaneously across various channels rather than every agent being on the phone.

Finally, learn how you can use AI and machine learning to optimize your workforce management strategy to improve customer satisfaction and agent satisfaction, decrease costs and drive revenue.

If you are interested in receiving a copy of the agenda via email, contact us at info@customermanagementpractice.com

Special Report: Augmenting Contact Center Automation

Special Report: Augmenting Contact Center Automation

Eighty-eight percent of customer contact leaders expect automation to improve agent workflow or elevate agent performance.

What will it take to make that expectation a reality? This report has the answers. It reveals how to reap the rewards of automation’s most significant, most exciting promise: augmenting the contact center - and the agents who work inside.

Special Report: Elevating Call Center Authentication

Special Report: Elevating Call Center Authentication

When customers call for support, can you provide the right experience?

There are two facets to that question. One involves whether you can deliver a fast, hassle-free, personalized interaction. The other concerns your ability to properly identify the customer – and secure the conversation.

CCW Digital’s new special report on Elevating Call Center Authentication provides guidance for achieving both. It debunks myths and illuminates “worst practices” before ultimately revealing the best, most efficient, most customer-centric way to authenticate calls.