Fierce & Female Panel

CCWomen is by women for women in customer contact to build relationships, support and inspire one another, and path find practical solutions to the myriad of challenges women face in the workplace. Together, we raise the profile of women in customer contact, pursuing success together, developing new skills, and learning the value and power of our community.     


Our CCWomen initiative features top female leaders in customer contact on the most pressing topics, challenges and successes women have in the industry. Through inspirational panel discussions, we deliver an unforgettable experience as we head into our 1st year of CCWomen at the Exchange series.

Research shows that creating a culture of equality unlocks human potential and uncovers the key drivers of a workplace culture in which everyone can advance and thrive. Culture is an accumulation of norms and customs that evolve over time, and leaders increasingly recognize that they need to be more proactive in shaping it. We also know that culture is complex and fluid, making it difficult to influence and define. Join us for a lively and fiercely female discussion on the evolution of organizational culture.