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3 Reasons Executives Must Be Listening

3 Reasons Executives Must Be Listening

Calling All Executives: Here is a question for you - What does your Contact Center look like in 2025? Does it include employee engagement and workforce transformations? What about Automation? If your blueprint doesn't have these key factors, falling behind the curve is going to be inevitable for your contact center. In this report, read about why these 3 topics are crucial for your organization.

Top 5 Content Center Trends

Top 5 Content Center Trends

These Top 5 Contact Center Trends aren't yesterday's news. They are tomorrow's curiosities and next year's questions that our analyst has uncovered now. Leveraging our CCW Digital community of 140,000+ CX professionals, our principal analyst, Brian Cantor crunched the numbers to show where contact center technology is going and what trends executives should be taken seriously.

Buying Solutions for Your Contact Center: The Good News, Bad News, and the Bridge to Connect Them

Buying Solutions for Your Contact Center: The Good News, Bad News, and the Bridge to Connect Them

The conventional solution process actually creates problems for contact center executives.  It may generate excitement over particular innovations, but it may not confirm about fitness for specific applications. It may not provide an actionable, valid blueprint for actually making the most of the new technology.

Ultimately, it may not inspire contact center executives to take action. And that is a problem: for as much as they cannot afford to be wrong about the solutions they buy, contact center leaders definitely cannot afford to sit on their hands. The needs are too great and the stakes are too high for indecision to govern the function.

In this report:

  • 4 top priorities for contact center executives
  • 4 problems with solution providers
  • a new way to do business
The Way of Work – Creating an Omni Driven Customer Organization

The Way of Work – Creating an Omni Driven Customer Organization

Montresa McMillan, SVP & Head of Omni Strategy, TD Bank

BENCHMARKING SESSION: The Way of Work—Creating an Omni Driven CX Organization

In order to drive innovation, efficiency, and effectiveness across your omni channel strategy, you must start at the beginning with the executive buy-in, a defined vision, and mobilizing your middle management. Heading up the Omni Strategy across TD North America, Montresa established the organizational awareness of what omni means to TD Bank, creating strategy for keeping your customers at the center and enabling platforms to support the vision. In her session at CCW Executive Exchange Miami Beach, she addressed:

·· Getting the business in line with the Omni Vision

·· Establishing cross functional collaboration as best practice

·· Platform integration to enable multi channel visibility

Take a look at her presentation.

CX & EX: Aligning Business Objectives with Agent Performance

CX & EX: Aligning Business Objectives with Agent Performance

PROJECT ANALYSIS: CX + EX: Aligning Business Objectives with Agent Performance
Brett Frazer, Head of Customer Service, SunBasket & Kevin Peterson, Head of People Operations, SunBasket

Truly excellent customer service requires alignment of the employee experience to deliver exceptional results. However, organizations can get stuck in the trap of playing “Whack-a-Metric” with performance measures. Tying in the expertise from both the Human Resources and Customer Experience teams, Kevin and Brett will address their partnership in creating an incentive program that aligns excellent customer service, leadership development, and agent satisfaction to business objectives. At CCW Executive Exchange Miami, they addressed:

·· Effective collaboration between People and Customer teams
·· Balancing efficiency with conversion and satisfaction metrics
·· Designing incentives that motivate customer centric behaviors
·· Employing agent feedback tools to develop leadership teams

Improving Customer Experience with Artificial Intelligence

Improving Customer Experience with Artificial Intelligence

Improving Customer Experience with Artificial Intelligence
Bernard Slowey, Head of Worldwide Digital Customer Support, Microsoft

We all appreciate quick services that will help us save time. This use case from Microsoft will uncover how you can easily integrate AI into your customer service and support experience to help your customers and your agents. At CCW Executive Exchange Miami, Bernard addressed the following:

·From self service technologies to artificial intelligence and automation
· How digital continues to change the game in customer service
·A look into the future of support experience

Take a look at his presentation.

CCW Digital Special Report -  DTR: Disrupting The Chat Experience

CCW Digital Special Report - DTR: Disrupting The Chat Experience

Talk about the importance of creating a frictionless, omnichannel experience is impossible to ignore. Stellar, real-world examples of such an experience are very difficult to find.
It is time to distance yourself from the pack and deliver the experience your customers want exactly when and where they want it. An important step in this journey involves adopting a disruptive approach to chat.
CCW Digital's new Disruptive Technology Review reveals how to achieve this more valuable, more customer-centric approach to chat. By following the research-driven recommendations, you won't simply be adding a new channel to your journey — you'll be meaningfully improving the customer and agent experiences.
Topics include:
  • Insights into what customers want from digital interactions — and how brands are failing
  • Signs of a great chat platform
  • Tips for using chat to boost personalization, agent satisfaction, omnichannel engagement, interaction quality and customer security
  • Specific technologies and metrics  that can maximize results
  • Strategies for ensuring your chat experience gets better over time

Special Report - Increasing Humanity With Chatbots

Special Report - Increasing Humanity With Chatbots

Chatbots  are frequently derided as glitchy  and inconveniencing to customers, but as the technology grows increasingly sophisticated, so does its value proposition. CX pundits  often regurgitate that the best function of a chatbot  is to handle  rote, repetitive customer  questions like FAQs and order  status requests so that human agents can handle  the complex scenarios  like technical  troubleshooting, but that grossly oversimplifies what chatbots can do.

In fact, there are a rising number  of use cases where  chatbots can process  queries  more effectively than a human ever could  given their ability to make split-second decisions  using data to provide a personalized customer  experience.

Chat used to be limited to a pop-up  window triggered when a visitor first lands on the company's homepage, but given the nature of asynchronous messaging through email, instant messaging and social media, where  communication between brands  and customers  happens on and off as and when the customer  needs it, companies are under  increasing pressure to scale chat capabilities in multiple channels. Arguably, the first wave of chatbots was designed to do just that- scaling chatcost-effectively, but without  consideration for UX design.

Today, chatbots  are deployed not only as a value-added user experience for the omnichannel customer, but also as tools to simplify the employee experience on the backend.