Vendor Insights: Cielo Mobile

Cielo believes in the power of great relationships, created through better conversations, on a platform designed for today’s communications. They help clients find the right balance between automation and the human touch; delivering an effortless IVR-to-SMS Chatbot experience, while empowering your agents with tools that build life-time customer value.

CCW Exchange recently interviewed Cielo Mobile on the top challenges and future advancements in the industry.

Which is more important: reducing effort or increasing personalization? Proactive engagement can be a really powerful tool to demonstrate appreciation for your customers, reduce effort and potentially minimize inbound volume. Tell us a little about your strategies in terms of proactive engagement during these times.

We believe you can achieve both. It is possible to reduce customer effort while simultaneously improving the level of personalization. And it can be done proactively.

For example, traditional telephony channels can easily identify a caller’s phone number and determine if it’s a mobile number. If it is mobile, it’s a sure bet that its unique to the customer. This opens a who range of digital resolutions in the IVR and each one can be personalized based on a CRM profile associated with that mobile number.

Cielo work’s with our clients to identify issues which can be proactively addressed - with personalization – before they result in an inbound call for support.

For example, one of our clients was receivng a large number of calls related to their product’s performance. The most common resolution was to clean the product’s filter. Cielo helped to automate this resolution directly in the call queue by texting a video to the customer showing how to clean the filter.

We took this resoution to the next step – proactively - by texting customers a personalized reminder to clearn their filter every 3 months.

Does your technology include an engagement platform for consistent answers across self-service and assisted service touchpoints? How are you able to maintain consistency in these internal and external knowledge bases?

Yes, in fact Cielo’s Agent Assist was designed, specifically, to bring consistent structure and accuracy to many of the resolutions provided by live and digital (chat/email) agents.

Agent Assist allows our clients to easily deploy applications, directly on the agent’s desk top, which help to automate common repeated tasks like Product Returns. However, Agent Assist really shines when used to bring more automation to complex customer engagements like signing a customer up for a line of credit. In these cases, the agent uses the digital tools in Agent Assist to allow customers to text-in documents and also sign documents, sent to them by the agent, on their mobile device.

These same applications are being deployed in self-serve channels as well. Cielo’s customers typically migrate the agent applications “upstream” to their website or within the SMS channel using a chatbot.  

Now is the time where self-service channels have really been put to the test with many industries facing significant contact volume? What is your process for identifying the most appropriate challenges and channels for self-service options to support?

I don’t know that the process for deploying an effective self-serve strategy is any different now, under COVID, than it was before. If anything, the challenges of lower agent availability and longer caller wait times, allowed us to show clients that their IVR is a perfect place to deploy self-serve solutions.

Historically, digital channels have been the domain of self-serve strategies. When caller wait times get higher, companies simply tell their customers to “hang up” and try the website or their app. We think that’s short sighted. Its like giving your customers permission to abondon the call. They just called you! And now you’re gonna tell them to hang up?

Cielo helps you engage customers immediately and directly in the call queue using a frictionless IVR-to-Digital experience. This strategy is especially effective when its centered on the one or two most common issues your customers call about. These issues usually make up at least 20% of your call volume. If you can automate the resolution using IVR-to-SMS, that’s 20% of your call volume elliminated in a single self-serve solution.

One of the biggest questions we receive from attendees across our events is how to strike that balance between the latest technology and the more personal human touch. How have you been able to strike this balance? When building out tech-driven strategy, how can you ensure that the balance piece doesn’t fall by the wayside?

This is Cielo’s montra: helping our clients find the right blance between automation and the human touch. In fact, we believe the empathy and connection established by a live agent is the most effective driver of lifetime customer value.

We look at the factors which prevent live agents from achieving a resolution, quickly, and accurately, on the first contact. Typically the biggest factor is reaching the agent in the first place. So, Cielo helps our clients attack their IVR as the place in which intelligent low friction resolutions can be deployed – digitally!

We then identify why there are repeat calls made to resolve the same issue. This typically is because the agent is not empowered with tools or information that allow them to address the issue completely in the first call.

Cielo ensures the blance by viewing tech-driven solutions not as a cost containment strategy, but as a strategy that targets very specific engagements. For example, it makes no sense to develop AI and bots to replace agents. Instead, the strategy should be to develop a bot that automates a specific task an agent freqently performs. It allows the agent to deliver the resolution faster and more accurately on the first contact. It also, reduces the handle time, thereby moving other customers quickly through the queue.

Automation is absolutely key to better and more efficient service experiences. How do you build empathy into automated interactions? How have you been able to foster that human connection?

You can’t. But what you can do is ensure your automate solution is 1) personalized, 2) easy on the customer and 3) resolves the issue accurately. This allows the customer to at least feel like you value their time and the originaly loyalty when they bought your product.

Everyone talks about the customer experience leading up to the sale. But it is post sale in which the customer’s expectations are much, much higher. They expect now for you to treat them like they are the only customer you have. And they are right to feel this way.

It doesn’t mean that they are adverse to dealing with a bot. But you had better be sure the bot is fast and accurate. It helps too if the bot calls the customer by their first name in the very first message – without asking the customer their name. This can be easily achieved using SMS chatbots which keys on the customer’s unique personal mobile number.

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