United Serial Switchers: Why Businesses are Losing Billions Through Poor Customer Service

With $41 billion of revenue being transferred between companies in the US every year and £12 billion in the UK, our research emphasizes just how much influence customers have on a business’s success. On average, nearly half of consumers (48%) are taking their business elsewhere because they’re not satisfied with the service they’re experiencing. Even more worryingly, many believe that the process of resolving issues is so cumbersome that they will switch without even attempting to make contact.

This complimentary report reveals why customers are switching providers – and what you must do to keep them engaged, satisfied and loyal.  Other topics include:

  • Call center vs. Social Media - Which channel do customers really prefer?
  • Why do callers hate telephone support?  Why do they love it?
  • Are customers of a certain age more likely to switch?  What about those from a certain country?
  • What determines whether a customer leaves a support interaction with happiness or anger?

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