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November 02 - 04, 2020
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Special Report: Priorities for the Chief Experience Officer

Special Report: Priorities for the Chief Experience Officer

After decades of struggling for buy-in, the customer experience function has finally started to secure a seat at the executive table.  Organizations are increasingly appointing “chief customer officers” and “chief experience officers” to oversee the function at the high-level.

It is time for executives to make the most of the opportunity – and this special report is here to help!

Specifically, it explores the issues and strategies executives must prioritize as they work to make the customer experience a more integral part of their businesses.  How can they build a framework that allows customer experience teams to deliver the best results for their business?  How can they secure C-suite support for key customer contact initiatives?

Topics include:

  • The 4 most urgent customer experience demands and investments
  • The #1 way to connect with customers, employees and fellow executives
  • How to overcome challenges related to customer data, regulations, digital transformation and brand reputation
  • Steps to become a more “mobile” enterprise
  • 3 priorities for contact center technology
  • How to unite the business on customer experience strategy
GDPR: Your Ticket to Customer Centricity

GDPR: Your Ticket to Customer Centricity

For the past several years, thought leaders have enthusiastically trumpeted the value of data.  Advocating for “personalized experiences,” they have urged organizations to collect and use as much customer data as possible.

On May 25, a seemingly oppositional force will take effect:  the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

By restricting how European organizations and/or organizations communicating with European customers can collect, process, store and leverage data, the GDPR bottlenecks customer intelligence strategies.  It turns the pursuit of customer data from a bottomless opportunity into a pressing strategic challenge.

 In this report learn how to take GDPR, and turn it into your new customer-centric strategy for the future. Key topics include:

  • Focusing on Data Strategy
  • Unifying All your Customer Contact Systems
  • Emphasizing Value Over Noise
  • Stressing Security

Buying Solutions for Your Contact Center: The Good News, Bad News, and the Bridge to Connect Them

Buying Solutions for Your Contact Center: The Good News, Bad News, and the Bridge to Connect Them

The conventional solution process actually creates problems for contact center executives.  It may generate excitement over particular innovations, but it may not confirm about fitness for specific applications. It may not provide an actionable, valid blueprint for actually making the most of the new technology.

Ultimately, it may not inspire contact center executives to take action. And that is a problem: for as much as they cannot afford to be wrong about the solutions they buy, contact center leaders definitely cannot afford to sit on their hands. The needs are too great and the stakes are too high for indecision to govern the function.

In this report:

  • 4 top priorities for contact center executives
  • 4 problems with solution providers
  • a new way to do business
Say Goodbye To Omnichannel, Say Hello To Omnimoment

Say Goodbye To Omnichannel, Say Hello To Omnimoment

Presented by CCW Digital, Thought leaders may speak extensively about cutting-edge digital channels, but customers continue to seek support the old fashioned way. Customers care more about outcomes than channels.  

What is your organization doing to solve your customer's challenges? Across one channel? multiple channels? Check out this report.