Do You Qualify?

We qualify all attendees on job function, strategic responsibility, and budgeting authority to ensure you’re guaranteed to meet and engage with an elite group within the contact centre industry. The Criteria for entry is:

  • Company Size -the individual must come from a company which is of a significant enough size to ensure that projects are likely
  • Decision Making/Influencing - the individual in question must either own the budget, or have responsibility for writing the requirements for the procurement in question
  • Time Frames - the individual must be able to demonstrate a planned investment within a specified time frame
  • Budget Size - there must be a budget for investment already in place

To learn more about our Attendee Qualification Criteria, please get in touch with us below!

Delegates, please contact:

Anita Bouzeid

Head of Audience Development

02 9229 2483

Sponsors, please contact:

Collin Lawrence

Partnerships Director

02 9229 1050

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