02 - 05 March, 2020
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Do not miss the opportunity to exchange best-in class strategies with 40+ regional contact centre leaders on building the contact centre of the future through 4 focused tracks on “AI in Contact Centres”, ”Automation & Work ...

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Digitisation is ubiquitous across industries, and contact centres stand to benefit greatly from it. But how can digitisation be properly applied to maximise efficiency at contact centres?In this report, we look at how digitisation can support contact ...

Exclusive Interview with HP and Agoda: Future-proof your contact centre agents' skillsets

How to do you future-proof your contact centre agents' skillsets?

Speech in Service: Looking at the Influence of NLP and Speech Analytics on Contact Centres

The role of AI and analytics has grown significantly in the area of customer service, leading to improvements customer experience and operational efficiency. In this report, CCW Digital takes a look at NLP and speech analytics' impact on customer service in Asia, and what the continuous evolution ...

5 Factors Impacting Customer Contact Strategy

Customer satisfaction has always been the ultimate contact centre goal. Combining people, process and technology to maximise satisfaction sounds simple! However there are a number of variables that create new challenges - and opportunites.To enable you to deliver contact centre excellence, ...

4 Ways To Increase Customer Satisfaction While Reducing Costs in your Contact Centre

Deep down, we know that “what is good for the customer is good for the business.” Unfortunately, we so often forget this concept when shaping our customer contact strategies.Break this bad habit by discovering how you can simultaneously maximising customer satisfaction and profit in our ex ...


The Customer Show Asia - Brochure

Revolutionising Customer Service, Interactions & Experiences in the Age of Digital in the theme of March's Customer Show Asia 2020 in Singapore.Join regional customer experience and contact centre leaders to hear innovative strategies and exchange know-hows on delivering exceptional customer experience (CX) across all touchpoints and journeys to maximise customer...

2019 Event Presentations

Maintaining the Personal Touch

The human touch remains highly important for the insurance industry. In the midst of business digitalisation, how can customer contact leaders invest in the right mix of humans and machines to optimise interactions with their customers?Having worked on AI projects across various customer touchpoints, AXA Hong Kong's Head of Customer...

Beyond Migration to the Cloud: Making Contact Centres Unified, Collaborative and Intelligent

Travelport's Regional Director & Head of Customer Support – Asia Pacific, Glenn Birkelev share how you can create contact centres as a strategic resource to drive customer experience for business value creation and differentiation. 

Dialog Axiata’s Journey on Building and Enabling Omni-Channel Interactions

Case study: Dialog Axiata’s Journey on Building and Enabling Omni Channel InteractionsDownload case study to discover how Dialog Axiata gained 77% improvement in corrective actions with journey visualisation, which led to 21% increase in customer service delivery

Case study: From Contact Centres to Customer Engagement Hubs: Charting a Successful Organisational and Cultural Digital Roadmap

Case study: From Contact Centres to Customer Engagement Hubs: Charting a Successful Organisational and Cultural Digital RoadmapDownload case study to learn how Ooredoo, leading telecommunication provider, resolves her challenges from effective strategies on driving change across the organisation.

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2020 Sponsorship Prospectus

Interested in getting more information about partnering with CCW Asia? View the 2020 prospectus and learn about sponsorship opportunities and how we can improve your ROI. Email sponsorship@iqpc.com.sg to receive a copy via email.

Customer Contact Week Asia - Attendee Investment Report

The regional Customer Contact Week Asia is a dedicated platform for community discussions on solidifying Asia’s competitive advantage within the global contact centre map. Our Attendee Investment Report gives a detailed analysis of a cross-section of attendees from the CCW Asia event last year and provide a holistic view of...

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6 Things Contact Centres Need To Know To Capitalise On The New Customer Experience

In a world increasingly being dominated by digital, today’s contact centre professionals have embraced a new customer experience.As customer expectations continue to be transformed by new technologies, contact centres have begun to recognise customer satisfaction as a critical focus for growth in the future, with many placing emphasis on the...

4 Reasons Why Reducing Agent Effort Should Be Your Contact Centre Top Priority

What keeps customer contact leaders up at night? Common answers include reducing costs, creating more seamless customer interactions, leveraging chatbots, embracing the omnichannel revolution and improving support in digital channels. “Reducing agent effort” however is a far less popular option. It is time to change that reality. Read on to...

Tackling Key Challenges in Being Truly Omni-Channel

As the global economy becomes increasingly interconnected and technologically advanced, consumers are both driving and also responding to great changes in the way they can research and complete purchases. As the range of consumer choice grows, so does the customer’s desire for convenience: a quick, simple way to discover what...

The Past, Current & Future for Contact Centres

This easy-to-read infograph will show you the key trends and major differentiators of the past, current and future of contact centres. 

Maintaining The Personal Touch In Customer Contact - Interview with AXA

In a truly customer-centric organization, technology will not have a negative impact on humanity. It will not even have a neutral effect. It will have a truly positive one. It will drive a new (yet still efficient) caliber of engagement. Connections will be stronger, more meaningful and more respectful of...

The Checklist to Drive a Unified Customer Experience

To reach customer excellence you need to offer your customers the best, seamless experience possible. This means moving towards a model of one point of contact for the customer or if not the same contact then the same experience across channels i.e. an omnichannel approach. Marion Armand is Head of...

Implementing AI and RPA Technology to Improve Efficency and CX

Research from IBM suggests that an amount in the region of $1 trillion is spent on 265 billion customer service calls each year. Despite great technological strides and innovations being made in the contact centre industry, billions of these calls end in an unsatisfactory manner, with an estimated 50% of...

Driving a Unified Customer View for Better Customer Experience

To reach customer excellence you need to offer your customers the best, seamless experience possible. Marion Armand, Head of Customer Excellence Asia Pacific at Merck, sits down with us to discuss in detail how she came to Singapore from Europe to lead customer excellence and drive the teams to offer...

Moving Towards a Next Generation Contact Centre in Adapting to Evolving Customer Expectations

Damian Leach, Head of Global Unified Communications & Contact Centre at Standard Chartered Bank shared his insight in setting the vision and measurable KPIs to evaluate and improve on digital processes for the Contact Centres. Download the presentation to know more.

Integrating Contact Center within an Organization’s Overall CX Strategy

Want to learn more about empowering contact centres to play a strategic role in customer journey mapping? Download the presentation from Dato’ Rafaai Samsi, Chief Customer Experience (CCX) | Chief Technology & Innovation Officer (CTIO) at Telekom Malaysia Berhad to learn the full story.


CCW Asia 2020 Awards Brochure

The CCW Asia Excellence Awards will honour, recognise and promote individuals and teams who have made a commitment to driving superior contact centre performance and customer excellence. The Awards are dedicated to recognising worldclass thinking, creativity and execution across the full spectrum of contact centre functions.The Awards are judged by...

CCW Awards Application Form 2020 - Best In Class Contact Centre (100 Seats under)

This category awards the contact centre that sets a vision for world-class service excellence and rallies the team to deliver on that vision.Fill up your business contact and download the form now.