Day One: September 22, 2020 | People

12:00 pm - 12:00 pm Opening Remarks


Jennifer Borchardt

VP Omnichannel Experience & Strategy, Wealth Management
U.S. Bank


Amanda Caparelli

Research Development Analyst
Customer Management Practice

12:35 pm - 1:05 pm Turning Brand to Bond: Deloitte’s Latest Research on Creating Emotional Connection at Enterprise Scale

Tim Greulich - Operational Customer Experience Practice Lead, Deloitte Digital
Jennifer Buchanan - Customer Experience Insights Leader, Deloitte Digital

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Marketers have long believed that emotional relevance is important in connecting with customers and fostering loyalty. This conviction has inspired a storied history of heartstring-tugging commercials, loveable brand mascots, catchy jingles and category-defining slogans. Yet, in many instances, those warm feelings don’t endure as customers move from brand awareness into engagement and beyond. Experiences that feel disconnected, service that feels impersonal and customer data collection practices that feel invasive can break emotional bonds as quickly as they are built, and once those bonds are broken, they can be difficult to mend. So how can brands build and strengthen emotional bonds? 


Deloitte’s latest research on customer loyalty identifies the tangible steps that brands can take to elevate human experiences for their customers to deepen bonds of loyalty and build lasting business value by weaving customer input and data points into everything they do. Join Deloitte Digital’s Tim Greulich and Jen Buchanan to learn about our research findings and how to translate them into a powerful new business discipline called operationalized human experience, or OpHX. You’ll find out:


·       How rational considerations, such as price and quality, kindle emotional bonds with customers.

·       Which moments are pivotal in transcending from product satisfaction to brand love.

·       What customers want brands to know about them—and what they want in return.

·       Why organizational changes can help deepen individual connections


Tim Greulich

Operational Customer Experience Practice Lead
Deloitte Digital


Jennifer Buchanan

Customer Experience Insights Leader
Deloitte Digital

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That customers - not businesses - set the standard for CX journeys has always been clear. Meeting those expectations, however, has been anything but easy. That challenge only grew more significant this year, with customers gaining new perspectives, adopting new behaviors, and connecting in new environments.

What does it take for your CX team to understand - and adapt - to these changes? How can you create the experiences your customers and employees truly want now and in the future, as opposed to the ones they might have tolerated yesterday? Our executive roundtable will answer these questions and more.


Chad Horenfeldt

Director of Customer Success


Nicole Price

Customer Experience Manager


Dave Hoekstra

WFM Evangelist


Charlie Moore

Vice President/GM, CX Solutions

2:15 pm - 2:45 pm Supercharge Customer Care: Build Speed and Resilience in Your Contact Center

Léonie Brown - Head XM Scientist, Customer Care Solution, Qualtrics
Jamie Radick - Strategy Consultant, Highmark Blue Cross Blue Shield

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Every interaction your customers have with your customer care team has a direct impact on the overall health of your business. Join Jamie Radick from Highmark Blue Cross Blue Shield and Leonie Brown from Qualtrics as they discuss strategies for building resiliency in the contact center that can quickly pivot to address the changing needs of today’s customers. Together they will explore topics such as:


  • Strategies leaders can use to effectively coach and nurture front-line employees
  • How technology supports team empowerment and service consistency
  • How to build a connected end to end customer care journey across digital, phone, chat 


Léonie Brown

Head XM Scientist, Customer Care Solution


Jamie Radick

Strategy Consultant
Highmark Blue Cross Blue Shield

2:50 pm - 3:20 pm How to Leverage Customer Data to Drive Loyalty

Jay Hack - CEO, Mira Beauty

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Collecting and mining customer data allows for personalization across an omnichannel environment that connects touch points and drives loyalty. Traditionally rooted in marketing and sales functions, the strategy driving retention and loyalty through the customer acquisition process hugely impacts the end-to-end CX. In this session, we will examine the marketing aspect of the end-to-end experience brand experience across customer touch points and strategies for removing silos across CX, with several case studies from MIRA BEAUTY, a data-driven beauty retailer built on a modern personalization stack.


Jay Hack

Mira Beauty

3:25 pm - 3:55 pm Humanizing Customer Experiences with Empathy-Driven Conversations

Kim Iorns - Director, Learning Development and Delivery, H&R Block
Christina Yu - VP of Marketing, Mursion

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Kim Iorns

Director, Learning Development and Delivery
H&R Block


Christina Yu

VP of Marketing