Workshop Day: Wednesday, 26 February 2020

WORKSHOP A: Chatbots & Virtual Agents

9:00 am - 12:00 pm Determining the Key Strategies IAG Employed to Implement and Upgrade Chatbots within the Contact Centre
Matthew Sherwood - Lead Product Owner, IAG
With the way technology has advanced over the years, contact centres have shifted away from the dial-tone IVR, looking for more extensive automation. According to Gartner, 25% of customer service and support operations will be integrating chatbot technology by 2020.

Implementing this technology allows contact centre agents to handle more complex enquiries, while chatbots and virtual agents can address simple customer interactions.

What Will This Workshop Cover:

Matthew Sherwood is one of the senior product minds operating in IAG, and has had various experiences including release of multiple big initiative CRM changes and re-inventing the way claims perform with the use of digital technology. Matt currently is focussing on re-imagining the experience of buying insurance.
Dealing with such uncertainty and constantly changing customer expectations, this session will focus on how to reduce the risk on launching a product that customers don't want or something that doesn't make business sense. The focus of these techniques will be on the implementation of chatbots and the strategies used here can be applicable to any other strategies that need to .
This workshop is designed for all Digital, CX or strategy  professionals who are in the midst of either integrating, or considering the integration, of chatbots or another large initiative into their overall customer engagement experience. 
Some of the lessons to be taken out of this workshop include:

- Understand what horizons are and how to integrate it into your Chatbot Strategy
- Understand how to draw out and the importance of assumptions in your strategy
- Actionable plan for an experiment to take validate one of your assumptions


Matthew Sherwood

Lead Product Owner

WORKSHOP B: Design Thinking in Contact Centres

9:00 am - 12:00 pm How Qantas Reinvented the Way they Approach the Employee Experience through Design Thinking
Jean-Pierre Doherty-Bigara - Customer Care Manager, TNT
How can we drive a holistic approach to understanding each customer interaction in order to create an experience for all employees and the customer?

Jean-Pierre Doherty-Bigara, Customer Care Manager at TNT, will guide all contact centre managers in an in-depth workshop on how journey mapping and design thinking can generate value for your customer when you build this into your overarching customer strategy. 

With years of experience working with contact centres, Fasahat will help you take a step back from purely digital touchpoints. It is here you will define each customer interaction as the first step in revaluating your CX.

The reasons we’re doing this?

Well, while there can be many different projects implemented to maintain competitive advantage, deciding which project to apply can be challenging. And to risk getting it wrong can have long term repercussions. Many believe that design thinking is the solution to this challenge, and after extensive research we agree.

What Will This Workshop Cover:

This workshop will delve into the new ways we can map out current projects and grow them for the customers we’re attracting. 

This practical session will help those in operations and more agile contact centres rethink their business strategies to instigate change for the overall and emerging contact centre.


Jean-Pierre Doherty-Bigara

Customer Care Manager

WORKSHOP C: Employee Engagement

12:30 pm - 3:30 pm Gaining a 90% Employee Satisfaction Rate Through the Instigation of Mentorship Programs and an Agile Framework at Telstra
Lizzie Bott - Senior Service Designer, Product and Innovation, Telstra
With contact centres notorious for their high turnover rates, agent engagement has become critical to ensuring training and investment strategies are put to good use. One way these organisations can work to engage their team members and bring interest to the overall centre is through mentorship programs and the overall employee experience. 

Finding new ways to mentor and train internal teams can also improve employee retention by up to 30%.

What Will This Workshop Cover:

This workshop will look at how managers today can upskill their agents and find new ways to motivate team members though instant feedback and ongoing training initiatives.

With the implementation of a fun and interactive structure, Lizzie Bott will guide all contact centre managers and team leader on the key strategies you can use to have agents more willing to invest their time and energy into internal training structures. This has the potential to increase productivity by 90%.

It is here Lizzie will look at new agile ways of working and how to accelerate careers through motivation and internal promotions.

This workshop is designed for all contact centre, service design and operation managers and team leaders who wish to reduce turnover and improve staff productivity.


Lizzie Bott

Senior Service Designer, Product and Innovation

WORKSHOP D: Metrics, KPIs and Operating Processes

12:30 pm - 3:30 pm Breaking Down Metrics, Scores and Concepts when Evaluating the Success of your Contact Centre
Naved Khan - Formerly Head Customer Experience & Operations – Global Service Delivery, eBay A/NZ
Ebay's Naved Khan, will deliver an in-depth workshop helping all contact centre and operation leaders break down the different scores and metrics that should be incorporated when evaluating the contact centre.

Naved has over 20 years’ experience in redefining metrics and operational processes. It is here he will guide attendees in learning new ways to understand your operating model for improved CX and agent engagement.

What Will This Workshop Cover:

This workshop will have both senior and junior managers determine agent effort scores, promotion rates, screen resolution rates and questions to qualification scores. By piecing these metrics (and more) together managers and senior leaders will be able to have a more holistic and in-depth view of their contact centre. This in turn will assist in determining the key investment areas that must be considered to improve the contact centres operating structure and CX function.

Discussions on key KPIs within organisations will include:

  • Silence % (the amount of time agents speak to the customer during an interaction)
  • Screen to resolution rates
  • Customer and Agent effort scores
  • Digital/Self-Service abandonment
  • Supervisor approval ratings


Naved Khan

Formerly Head Customer Experience & Operations – Global Service Delivery
eBay A/NZ

WORKSHOP E: Social interactions & customer data insights

4:00 pm - 6:00 pm Applying Machine Learning to Resolve Customer Issues and Insights
Does your organisation have a thorough understanding of all the analytics and intelligence capabilities that can go into your CX framework?

If the answer is no, then this workshop will assist you in your machine learning and data journey.

Using machine-learning models to resolve customer enquiries, Mai Le, the Head of Customer Obsession at Uber, will deliver an in-depth workshop looking at how the integration of data and insights will become the central factor in driving the future contact centre.

Mai has led over 25 teams as the previous Head of Business Platforms and has successfully delivered bottom-line savings in the millions in her current role at Uber.

As the Head of Customer Obsession, Mai works in the data insights and engineering department to ensure data is continuously coming through the contact centre and being interpreted accurately for improved CX.

What Will This Workshop Cover:

This workshop will train data insights, operations and contact centre leaders in delivering predicative and qualitative insights for a seamless omnichannel experience. In turn this will help businesses improve customer retention by representing brand value with new and changing technologies. 


WORKSHOP F: Strategic Workforce Planning

4:00 pm - 6:00 pm Putting a Proactive Plan in Place at Sportsbet through Data Insights for Strategic Workforce Planning
James Moore - Head of Workforce Planning, Sportsbet
Learn how to influence data driven decision making for the future needs of your contact centre. While it is clear that data can provide evidence for strategic decision making and increase the development of the workforce, many organisations are still challenged with its processes.

Drawing on the reasons behind data analysis and how to effectively collect it, this interactive workshop will take you through a detailed, step-by-step roadmap for leveraging metrics and analytics to help enrich your future workforce. 

What will the workshop cover?

Workforce Planning and Data Insights managers will learn way to implement a strategic plan through the use of data insights and analytics. From there attendees will develop the right strategy to get your workforce ready for the future.

James Moore, the Head of Workforce Planning at Sportsbet, will facilitate this workshop. Working closely with the contact centre, James manages a team of data and change managers to implement this strategic initative.

  • Collaborating with contact centres on the right measures and metrics to service customers
  • Understanding the tactical side of workforce planning: Determine the type of content you want to be analysed and how this can benefit your customer
  • Moving away from a siloed team mentality and collaborating with your existing stakeholders


James Moore

Head of Workforce Planning