25 - 28 February, 2020 | The STAR Gold Coast, Queensland, QLD

Conference Day One: Thursday, 27 February 2020

8:00 am - 8:40 am Coffee and Registration

8:55 am - 9:10 am Welcome address from the Chairperson

Simon Banks

Author, Artist and Innovation Expert
Simon Banks

9:10 am - 9:40 am INTERNATIONAL INSIGHT: Going … Going … Gone! Removing Air Asia’s Call Centre in 2020 to Become the Digital Marketplace for CX

The future of contact centres is changing. Adam Geneave believes over the next 10 years most contact centres will remove voice calls to incorporate a fully digital platform for their customer delivery strategy.

Sounds farfetched?

Well this is exactly what Air Asia underwent. This opening keynote will see Adam Geneave, Chief Customer Happiness Officer at Air Asia, demonstrate their company’s CX vision for a digital contact centre and marketplace. This will help ensure the 100 million passengers they fly each year are at forefront of every change initiative. Delve into the way you can improve your customer service strategy by combining your cultural, operational and digital processes into one unified CX Hub!

  • Heeding the voice of the customer to ensure your strategic and transformation goals are putting customers front and centre
  • Utilising new technologies such as AI & ML to optimise processes from back to front office, expanding the use of automation and advanced analytics
  • Changing the way young millennials work within the contact centre to create a more agile way of working
  • Getting ahead of the game in your social media strategy to attract today’s younger consumers

Adam Geneave, Chief Customer Happiness Officer at AirAsia (MALAYSIA)

Adam Geneave

Chief Customer Happiness Officer

9:40 am - 10:10 am Thought Leadership Session – Genesys Speaking Slot


10:10 am - 10:40 am CUSTOMER CHAMPIONS PANEL: What will the Role of Contact Centres be in your Overall CX Framework Over the Next 5 Years?

With everything from automation, machine learning and digital services coming to market, the role of the contact centre is facing significant change. 

According to our panel, they hold the belief that meeting customer demands boils down to a consistent and positive customer experience, regardless of any communication channel that is in use. Properly leveraging your CX programs and customer feedback is the first step to doing this.

The question, however, is whether businesses today are actively employing strategic CX when reassessing their contact centre operations. 

  • Understanding customer behaviour and trends in order to prepare for the customer of the future
  • Reviewing your future CX roadmap to evaluate the changing purposes of different customer touch points
  • Bold predictions: Looking at the future contact centre and key disruptors within the industry today 
  • Utilising machine learning and AI to predict customer trends and changing behaviours
Steve Mitchinson, Chief Customer Officer at Department of Finance WA

Steve Mitchinson

Chief Customer Officer
Department of Finance WA

Lawrence Mitchell, CCO at Sumo Salad

Lawrence Mitchell

Sumo Salad

Steven Bailey, Chief Customer Officer at MyBudget

Steven Bailey

Chief Customer Officer

Lee Scales, Chief Customer Officer at UniSuper

Lee Scales

Chief Customer Officer

10:40 am - 11:10 am Thought Leadership Session


11:10 am - 11:40 am Speed Networking

11:40 am - 12:10 pm Coffee and Networking Break

Back by popular demand – you will you hear focused thought leadership and insight into the future of CX and contact centres in Australia. How will the IDGs run?

  • The entire audience will break up and choose IDGs based on which topics are most relevant and interesting to them.
  • Each IDG is set in a roundtable format and will be facilitated by a senior thought leader in the space.
  • Each delegate will have the opportunity to select 3 topics and will rotate between their choices every 30 minutes.
  • Discussion groups are kept small to ensure all delegates get the opportunity to ask their most pressing questions, ensuring a perfectly tailored experience.


12:10 pm - 1:55 pm Chatbots: Using chatbots to serve the staff and reduce customer call times
Discuss the key ways voicebots are assisting both agents and customers within the contact centres to drive growth and reduce transactional enquires


12:10 pm - 1:55 pm Cloud Migration: Why in 2020 the Cloud will be the Future of Contact Centres
Understand how public, private and hybrid cloud technology can offer improved efficiency and security within the contact centre. This in turn will help to gain better real-time data and analytics

IDG Three

12:10 pm - 1:55 pm Outsourcing: Maintaining Brand Value and CX Standards through Outsourcing
TSA Group
Determine the key ways you can work with outsourcing partners to reflect the brand value of your organisation and meet consistent KPIs

IDG Four

12:10 pm - 1:55 pm Breaking Down Siloes: Reengineering the Contact Centre to be the Ultimate CX Hub through Departmental Collaboration
With the introduction of digital, operations and customer experience within contact centres today, discuss ways to integrate different departments within your organisation to create the ultimate CX Hub

IDG Five

12:10 pm - 1:55 pm Voice Biometrics: Utilising Voice Biometrics for Customer
Identify new authentication mechanisms while reducing call times by 90 seconds and improving your security


12:10 pm - 1:55 pm Seamlessly Integrating Omnichannel within your Contact Centre for Improved Customer Engagement
Probe Group
Determine how do we effectively go from multi-channel to omni channel in our contact centres for a seamless customer experience framework

IDG Seven

12:10 pm - 1:55 pm Integrating Knowledge Management Systems Within the Contact Centre to Improve Agent Experience
Serving the Staff to assist employee and customer requests quickly and seamlessly for improved VOC and customer satisfaction rates

IDG Eight

12:10 pm - 1:55 pm Utilising Data Analytics and Personalisation within CX: Merging Contact Centres with the Smartphone world
Discover the ways your organisation could exponentially improve the CX you deliver by leveraging the existing, unique capabilities of your customers’ smartphones.

1:55 pm - 2:55 pm Lunch and Networking Break




2:55 pm - 3:30 pm Taking High Volume to Low Complexity at Service NSW: How do You Prepare Your People to Adapt to the Changing Needs of the Customer

Winners of the NSW Contact Centre of the Year Award, Service NSW’s Sue Ferguson will deliver a case study on the importance of leadership and agent engagement.

With approximately 6 million calls entering the contact centre annually, Service NSW is reshaping the way their agents interact with citizens to enhance the customer experience. Sue Ferguson, Director of Contact Centres, will present on the work her and the team are doing to train agents in complaints handling, dispute resolution, failure demand, as well as improving internal leadership capabilities.

It is here Sue will discuss how, by doing this effectively, Service NSW’s voice of the customer surveys have risen from 69% to the 95+% range over the last 5 years.

  • Developing effective motivational strategies to improve agent engagement
  • Implementing strategic recruitment pathways to increase retention rates
  • Understanding the new and emerging roles within contact centres in large scale government organisations

Tom Hatch, Manager – National and Strategic Sales at DFP Recruitment

Tom Hatch

Manager – National and Strategic Sales
DFP Recruitment

Sue Ferguson, Director Contact Centres at Service NSW

Sue Ferguson

Director Contact Centres
Service NSW




2:55 pm - 3:30 pm Increasing Customer Adoption Rates by 50% with the Unveiling of New Self-Service Platforms such as Virtual Agents at Westpac

Taking over 2 years to effectively fine tune, Westpac were the first bank in Australia to implement e-signatures and fully digitise the mortgage document process. This resulted in a 38% faster completion rate and 50% reduction in certification errors.

Tim Roberts, Westpac’s Director of Delivery and Home Ownerships, will present how customer adoption of e-sign has saved 2 hours per loan for customer service staff and ways this has improved the customer interaction for agents.

Exceeding their expectations in customer adoption by over 50%, learn how customers are utilising self-service today.

  • Understanding the long term digital roadmap to implementing new products
  • Valuing digital through the lens of customer engagement to improve the CX strategy
  • Determining the different service platforms that can be incorporated into your business for improved CX

Tim Roberts, Director Customer Innovation at Westpac

Tim Roberts

Director Customer Innovation




2:55 pm - 3:30 pm Sparking Something New: Reinventing the Way Spark’s Retail Teams Interact with Customers in the Call Centre

Sheryl North, Channel Lead for the Customer in Home Strategy, will bring her experience in contact centres andher current role to talk about Spark NZ’s new customer in-home initiatives. Trialling a new way of operating, her team are certifying their retail teams and agents to help shape the customer experience and provide them with the advice and services that goes beyond traditional call centres.

Learn how Sparks NZ are creating an agile chapter within the organisation to build remote teams, improve service and develop a holistic customer strategy across the organisation

  • Highlighting the key, new ways of working for the structure of your contact centre
  • Having a clear definition of agent accountability in the design of your change approach to streamline processes
  • Bringing strategic foresight to change initiatives to grow the contact centre

Sheryl North, Channel Lead – Customer in Home at Spark NZ

Sheryl North

Channel Lead – Customer in Home
Spark NZ




2:55 pm - 3:30 pm Strategic CX: Unleashing Customer Data and Advanced Analytics at CBA to Drive Customer Relationships and not just Queries

In order to be more strategically competitive in the CX space, CBA have spent years perfecting their data and analytics capabilities to ensure artificial intelligence models are self-learning and adaptable to consumer channels.

With 40 people in the delivery team alone, working closely with the RBS product team has become key to understanding customer needs. Vicki Woods, CBA’s Head of Delivery, will discuss how CBA are using data and decision science to go from multi channel to a seamless and successful omni platform.

  • Utilising data and decision science alongside the contact centre to improve seamless interconnectivity 
  • Understanding which data sets need to be amalgamated and analysed to improve operational functions
  • Using AI models that are self-learning to seamlessly enhance future contact centres

Vicki Wood, Head of Delivery at Commonwealth Bank of Australia

Vicki Wood

Head of Delivery
Commonwealth Bank of Australia

This drop the mic panel will look at the pros and cons of flexible working within the contact centre.

ANZ says yes, with increased productivity up by 12%.

Others say no, having disbanded from flexible working initiatives due to multiple challenges in agent training and productivity.

Taking into account the need for on-going training and staff development, these industry experts will delve into the ways they’ve implemented flexible working and where it has either gone right or so very wrong.

  • Understanding the different methods for training and developing remote team members 
  • Determining the level of employee satisfaction when working from home to go from EX to CX
  • Creating efficiencies over the phone with the implementation of cloud based solutions

Sarina Pratley, General Manager of Contact Centres at ANZ, NZ

Sarina Pratley

General Manager of Contact Centres

Antoine Casgrain, General Manager of National Contact Centre at KINCARE

Antoine Casgrain

General Manager of National Contact Centre

Sarah James, Head of New Business and Continuous Improvement at MLC Insurance

Sarah James

Head of New Business and Continuous Improvement
MLC Insurance

Sponsorship session; reserved for Poly

4:05 pm - 4:35 pm Drop the Mic: Employing an Omni Channel Contact Centre: Redefining New Activities on Mobile and Digital Properties
This panel will look at how, as digital adoption rises, outdated contact centre systems are unable to deliver the level of service required to stay competitive.

Debate new ways to define a high impact omni-channel CX through the removal of silo communication channels and the ability to integrate the contact centre to new digital platforms.

It is here we will look at two schools of thought: those that say omni channel is here and is being put to good use, and leading experts that believe Australia still has a long way to go.

  • Implementing an effective social media engagement strategy to ensure customers are utilising their preferred method of communication
  • Utilising the right chatbots in your organisation for improved operations
  • Determining the key ways to implement personalised outbound engagement for customers 
  • Delving into new and emerging technologies to deepen relationships and customer loyalty


Lyndon Summers, Product Manager CAIS at Open Universities Australia

Lyndon Summers

Product Manager CAIS
Open Universities Australia

Craig McCosker, Product Strategy Manager, Future Focus at ABC

Craig McCosker

Product Strategy Manager, Future Focus

Jon Whitby, Head of UX at World Nomads

Jon Whitby

Head of UX
World Nomads

Jean-Pierre Doherty-Bigara, Customer Care Manager at TNT

Jean-Pierre Doherty-Bigara

Customer Care Manager

Thought Leadership Session; reserved for Limebridge

4:05 pm - 4:35 pm Drop the Mic: Outsourcing and Offshoring: What Will the Contact Centre of the Future Look Like If we Effectively Offshore?
This panel will look at the future of contact centres and whether organisations should outsource parts of their operations for cost reduction and process efficiency. This session will determine how we need the right call routing technologies, workforce capabilities and messaging across both our internal and outsourced contact centres.

It is here our panellists will debate from four perspectives on the pros and cons of:

  • Outsourcing your contact centre for a short amount of time
  • Outsourcing contact centres permanently
  • Building your own offshore facility 
  • New training capabilities for consistency in agent delivery with every customer


Ray Apple, Executive Vice President Contact Centres, Customer Experience and Operational Technology at Wells Fargo (USA)

Ray Apple

Executive Vice President Contact Centres, Customer Experience and Operational Technology
Wells Fargo (USA)

Megan Papadopoulos, Head of Consumer Connection at Bendigo and Adelaide Bank

Megan Papadopoulos

Head of Consumer Connection
Bendigo and Adelaide Bank

Paul Classens, Head of Contact Centres at ING

Paul Classens

Head of Contact Centres

Sponsorship session

4:05 pm - 4:35 pm Drop the Mic: Death of the Contact Centre: What Will the Future of Contact Centres Be in 2030 and How Do We Prepare?
Is the contact centre dying?

Our senior panellists will go head to head as they discuss the role of contact centres today and whether they believe this department will soon be outdated.

This panel will look at how business leaders today can influence their overall frameworks to innovate, collaborate and build a proper customer experience structure for team members.

How we can challenge and motivate our managers to instigate the right level of change in the wake of increasing automation and new digital services? 

  • Shifting our teams to go from resolving customer issues to resolving internal operational change 
  • Rebranding the contact centre of tomorrow: How far do we have to go?
  • Focusing on the customer: how to monitor and ensure customer trust for competitive advantage

David Daley, General Manager Member Engagement at ESS Super

David Daley

General Manager Member Engagement
ESS Super

Steven Bailey, Chief Customer Officer at MyBudget

Steven Bailey

Chief Customer Officer

Steve Mitchinson, Chief Customer Officer at Department of Finance WA

Steve Mitchinson

Chief Customer Officer
Department of Finance WA

Kieran Clarke, Head of Digital Engagement at Public Transport Victoria

Kieran Clarke

Head of Digital Engagement
Public Transport Victoria

Thought Leadership Session

8:00 am - 8:30 am Thought Leadership Session

Thought Leadership Session

3:30 pm - 4:00 pm
Thought Leadership Session

Thought Leadership Session

3:30 pm - 4:00 pm Four Practical Ways to Deliver Effective Contact Centre CX Process Design
This session will cover four different approaches to improving contact centre processes based on the challenges many organisations have faced across varying industries.

In this project case study session, Limebridge’s David Jaffe will illustrate how failure demand can be reduced through the implementation of an effective process design strategy. He will then focus on contact simplification and key strategies that will illustrate ways to become enablers of process automation.
David Jaffe, Consulting Director at Limebridge

David Jaffe

Consulting Director

Thought Leadership Session

3:30 pm - 4:00 pm
NICE inContact

4:35 pm - 5:05 pm Afternoon tea

5:05 pm - 5:35 pm Thought Leadership Session: Spotlight Interview: Delivering an Effective Customer Experience Strategy in the Wake of AI and Automation

Business leaders are investing to compete on customer experience. They are also investing in machine learning and AI techniques to drive automation. The intent is to increase productivity and streamline communications, but are these approaches actually empowering employees to deliver differentiated customer experiences? 

In this session, Pablo Muniz will explore brand new global research findings on how ineffective communication undermines business productivity and what companies can do to avoid this pitfall as they introduce automation using machine learning and AI techniques.

Pablo Munoz, Field Communication Manager at 8x8

Pablo Munoz

Field Communication Manager

At CCWomen we are proud to provide a community where we can share our story and give advice to other women in the CX and contact centre industry.

In Australia 29.6% of directors in the ASX 200 are women. While this is a steady improvement from 2016 where only 13% of women held chair positions, as a country there is still a way to go in both workplace diversity of gender inclusion.

In order to get a better understanding of CX women in business, our panellist will share their stories regarding their career, current projects at their organisation, thoughts on mentorship and what advice they would give to the rest of the community.

Lee Scales, Chief Customer Officer at UniSuper

Lee Scales

Chief Customer Officer

Joan Brierley, A/ Executive Director Drivers and Vehicles at Department of Transport WA

Joan Brierley

A/ Executive Director Drivers and Vehicles
Department of Transport WA

Megan Papadopoulos, Head of Consumer Connection at Bendigo and Adelaide Bank

Megan Papadopoulos

Head of Consumer Connection
Bendigo and Adelaide Bank

Carly Irving, General Manager Customer Market and Operations at Energy Queensland

Carly Irving

General Manager Customer Market and Operations
Energy Queensland

6:00 pm - 7:00 pm HAPPY HOUR

7:00 pm - 7:00 pm AFTER PARTY

7:00 pm - 7:00 pm END OF DAY ONE