26 - 28 February, 2020 | Gold Coast

Pre Conference Workshops: Wednesday, 27 February 2019

WORKSHOP A: Customer Centricity

1:00 pm - 3:00 pm Shifting the Focus on Service Design & Delivery to Future Proof Customer Care and Elevate CX

What does ‘instant service’ mean for customers and how does this translate into the design and delivery of organisational services to meet their needs? Because of the increase in new channels for customer contact, it is important for organisations to harness excellent service design in order to develop a great understanding for knowing what your customer wants and expects at each contact point. In this workshop, you will dig deep into embracing design innovation, truly identify your customer and establishing joint initiatives with UX, CX and agile to ensure better customer care for the future.

What will the workshop cover?
  • Fostering human-centred innovation to delight customers at every touch point
  • Empowering frontline staff to build a service-minded workforce as an important factor for transformational success in service excellence
  • Identifying customer pain points and ongoing customer analysis to determine any future priorities or investment needed to improve service design or delivery
  • Onshore and Offshore processes: Finding better support for processes and putting effort into building customer relationships and customer experience

How will you benefit?
  • Improve your organisation’s ability and strategies to analyse, collect and capitalise on data to build customer relationships where it matters
  • Develop strategies for accommodating and improving basic functions and services
  • Redefine your service excellence and craft a customer experience you can consistently deliver on

Simon Separghan, Head of Customer Contact at Royal Bank of Scotland

Simon Separghan

Head of Customer Contact
Royal Bank of Scotland

WORKSHOP B: Technology Innovation

3:15 pm - 5:15 pm Innovation 101: How to Integrate the Right Technology to Create a Seamless Digital and Omnichannel Experience

Whether your organisation is single, multi- or omnichannel, getting back to the basics is essential for creating a seamless experience. What insights do you need to determine which channels should be optimised, or which systems or technology you should prioritise? How do you disintegrate siloes to manage channel shifts and workflow more efficiently? This workshop will explore how to establish greater digital innovation to consolidate multiple customer contact channels into one customer experience platform.

What will the workshop cover?
  • Find the right balance between customer needs and business objectives: Determining the best technology and services to invest in without diminishing revenue outcomes
  • Creating a better experience through optimising digital channels and creating a sustainable channel shift
  • Making social work for you: Understanding your business capabilities to successfully manage social media interactions and conversational customer contact
  • How to use AI, bots, self-service and human interaction together to orchestrate an easier journey and effortless personal experience

How will you benefit?
  • Get past the buzzwords and trends and recognise what will actually meet your customer and business needs
  • Learn how to prioritise and forecast the best channels that your customer wants to engage in
  • Improve your business capabilities and ensure staff are multi-skilled in all touchpoints and understand expectations for technology innovations and digital experience

Jeremy Tan, Director, Call Centre Operations at Marina Bay Sands

Jeremy Tan

Director, Call Centre Operations
Marina Bay Sands

WORKSHOP C: Future Workforce

5:30 pm - 7:30 pm Transforming Your Contact Centre Culture to a High Performance Centre: Taking Engagement and Retention to the Next Level

A recent Contact Centre industry report reveals that the average tenure for full-time agents is just under 4 years. With a new generation of employees entering the workforce and the potential increase of home-based and flexible work arrangements, meeting the needs of your employees and keeping them engaged can be challenging. Traditional KPIs are no longer effective in measuring performance and collaboration has become a necessity for employees to feel valued. This workshop will explore engagement and retention strategies to ensure your contact centre remains high performing, moving away from traditional methods and looking to deeply analyse exactly what your staff needs, expects and will keep them motivated for years to come.

What will the workshop cover?
  • Utilising design approaches such as empathy and journey mapping to discover your current employee experience
  • Driving a deeper understanding of what motivates staff to move beyond typical reward and recognition programs
  • Setting realistic and achievable KPIs, goals and milestones to unite teams and drive greater business results and customer satisfaction
  • Lead ‘agents of change’ by arming them with the skills needed to help understand what is important to customers, and help navigate both staff and customers through technology transformation

How will you benefit?
  • Give agents the chance to create a sense of empowerment and ownership of their goals and skill capabilities
  • Learn to employ intuitive training and career pathways to improve EX
  • Improve internal culture to recognise the value of customer care employees, staff wellness and good leadership

Steve Mitchinson, Acting General Manager, Driver and Vehicles Services at Department of Transport WA

Steve Mitchinson

Acting General Manager, Driver and Vehicles Services
Department of Transport WA