CCW Digital June Webinars


As the digital era continues to evolve, CCW Digital continues to provide you with the research, analysis, and network required to optimize your customer contact operations. Learn from C-suite level executives and stay up-to-date on the latest strategies and technologies for self-service and the post-pandemic contact center with these free June webinars:

Webinar: “Extreme self-service” - Automation-first customer service strategies to prepare for a downturn

Digital transformation was already a top priority for contact centers, and recent events have heightened the urgency. CCW Digital research confirms increasing online engagement (including AI self-service) as the #2 response to the COVID-19, behind only the new emphasis on work-from-home.

The focus makes sense: online channels help companies provide an efficient, consistent support experience as volume surges, agents adapt to new environments and budgets tighten. If, that is, they are used correctly. This webinar will reveal how to implement an “extreme self-service” approach to keep customers happy and agents productive in times of such uncertainty.

Topics include:

  • Redesigning journeys to shift phone volume to chat and messaging
  • Reducing 70% of ticket volume through effective use and bots and AI Determining when to use bots and when to use agents
  • Creating seamless, customer-centric hand-offs between AI and human employees
  • Using AI to guide conversations and improve agent productivity

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Webinar: The Post-Pandemic Contact Center: What's Next For Remote Work & Digital Customer Engagement

With the rush to move agents home in response to COVID-19 coming to a close the new conversation is around what comes next and how this has influenced the way we work with our customers – for the long run.

Most contact centers had no experience with remote agents, especially when those agents were used to high in-person engagement, training and coaching. In parallel, customer social distancing has meant an even bigger push for digital adoption and economic uncertainty is driving a growing need for contact centers to quickly adapt to near-term budget cuts and efficiency goals.

When it comes to handling this crisis, each industry has its own unique set of challenges. Healthcare and Government had to dramatically scale up operations, while retail and hospitality are taking a clear hit. And with all these factors in play, it is important to have a future vision and balance short term vs long term ROI.

And now businesses need to answer the critical “what’s next” question

  • Are companies moving to digital faster? Why?
  • What happens post COVID-19?
  • Will you keep all or some agents working from home? Will there be conditions?

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