Creating a Work From Home Culture

During this era of self-isolation, it's become difficult to maintain company culture through virtual means. But it's still possible to ensure your agents engage digitally in a culture of productivity and empathy. Here are some ways your contact center can cultivate success and solidarity from home:

1. Have agents create a work space

  • Encourage your employees to work at table (rather than couch or bed) in a spot designated for work hours only

2. Create a routine and set work hours

  • Set routine meetings, check-ins, work hours, and breaks as usual

3. Get up and get dressed

  • Ask employees to look professional for zoom meetings

4. Set goals and timelines

  • Work with agents on goals each week and give valuable feedback
  • Schedule check-ins & quick huddles via chat or VC frequently

5. Stay in touch and socialize safely

  • Start a group chat with your team and organize team happy hours or lunches on zoom

6. Overcommunicate

  • Tell everyone who needs to know about your schedule and availability often
  • When communicating be overly positive since tone can be difficult to read over email

7. Stay positive and optimistic!

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