Join the #CCWomenStrong Movement

By: Customer Contact Week

In honor of Women's History Month in March, we are launching a two-part #CCWomenStrong campaign. For Part 1, we are highlighting all the female leaders in the industry who are sharing their stories and words of wisdom. Follow us on Instagram to follow these stories throughout the month. If you would like to participate in Part 1, contact us here.


For Part 2, we are putting a spotlight on all the female and male mentors/mentees to take a pledge to mentor and support the growth of women in the workplace. We would love for everyone to get involved and participate in this pledge. Together, let's create a movement where we help inspire and support one another.    


How can you join?

1. Take a picture of you holding the #CCWomenStrong sign. Download the sign here.

2. Post the picture on your social media channel of choice with the hashtag #CCWomenStrong and your pledge: "I pledge to (fill in the blank)..."

3. Spread the word! Tag a colleague, friend, mentor or mentee to also take this pledge with you.


Shoutout to everyone who has participated in the pledge so far!

Follow the #CCWomenStrong hashtag on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter see all the new pledges!