New & Improved Interactive Discussion Groups

By: Customer Contact Week

Interactive Discussion Groups (IDGs) are a fun and unique way to engage in quick fire, project-based discussions with peers on leading customer contact topics.  Each IDG session is represented by 3, 30-minute rotations, with attendees having the opportunity to select their 3 most pertinent project categories for discussion. Not only do we want to ensure attendees get to engage in the topic of their choice, but we also want to ensure that the size of the groups doesn’t become overwhelming for attendees to receive information from small group conversations.

So, how did CCW fix IDGs for 2019?

The answer was to reformat the agenda into 4 time blocks, with 7 content tracks running alongside 20 interactive discussion groups at a time.  This allows for a much more even distribution of the large CCW Vegas audience across the available sessions at any given time.  We’ve selected 20 topics that essentially run 4 times with unique speakers each time. 

Moreover, we’ve also secured an additional ballroom space specifically to house the IDGs.  Each IDG will have its own pipe and drape pod that provide semi-privacy for the discussions at hand.  The vast size of this new ballroom space also allows for significant distance between each of the individual groups, solving all of our noise bleed challenges. 

For a more visual approach, take a look at our video to see how the new IDGs are formatted onsite. 

Why did CCW select these 20 topics?

In 2019, we chose to power our onsite Interactive Discussion Groups from the special report content produced by CCW Digital.  CCW Digital curates a special report calendar annually covering the most pertinent topics in customer contact… think Voice of Customer, Intelligent Routing, Customer Journey Mapping, Customer Intent, and Omnichannel to name a few.  We selected the top 20 most engaged topics from 2018 to feature through the 2019 CCW Series.  Note that IDG abstracts do not go into detail like that of the track sessions.  We’ve done this purposefully as to not overwhelm you with too much content with 7 full tracks of content running simultaneous with each round of IDGs.

How do I select my IDGs?  How do I know which time block is best?

You select your IDGs electronically at the time of registration.  If you are working through one of our customer service representatives, they can also help walk you through the IDG selection process.  The 20 IDGs do not have deep titles and abstracts beyond the general topic as selections should be made on a project basis… select groups that make sense for your current or near future project categories to benchmark with peers who are along the same journey as you.  Time block selection will depend primarily on IDG availability. If your topics of choice are available in multiple time blocks, then you should select the time block whose simultaneous track content is the least interesting to you.  This will allow for you to attend track content that is more interesting to you during the other time blocks.

But I don’t like small group discussion formats…

Even if you prefer track session content, we recommend that you go ahead and register in a round of IDGs because of the mindshare here.  Case study-based track sessions are fantastic, but they essentially allow for only one perspective on a given topic to be shared at a given time.  IDGs provide perspective from a variety of practitioners, and if sponsored, also from a vendor.  Just because you attend a small group discussion doesn’t mean you necessarily need to engage in that discussion.  We’ve found that many attendees can even take more of a “fly on the wall” approach and still aborb a great deal of fantastic practices to take back to apply to their own operations.  

If you still have more questions or concerns regarding IDGs, please contact us here