Pre-Conference Experiences


Kick off your Customer Contact Week experience before the main conference! Join our highly anticipated Technology & Innovation Day or select from 20 Interactive Workshops on Tuesday, August 25th.

In collaboration with CCW Digital, Customer Contact Week's Technology & Innovation Focus Day delivers comprehensive knowledge across three of the most important focus areas in customer contact today. Each Technology & Innovation session provides a CCW Analyst briefing on the topic, real-world case studies of the topic in practice, and an interactive activity to action the topic in the context of your own business. At CCW, we are excited to address customer journey mapping, actionable customer analytics, and digital customer experience.

During the customer journey mapping sessions, we will dive into what types of questions a journey map can help answer, bottom line-related business goals they can help you meet, and a step-by-step process of how to create your own customer journey map.

The actionable customer analytics session will uncover a 5-step actionable analytics journey, the most pressing customer data challenges, critical contact center insights you must measure and action today, and key requirements for an actionable customer analytics strategy.

Don’t miss out to on the digital customer experience session to discuss the hallmarks of an omnichannel customer experience, common mistakes businesses make in the digital customer experience, and how to optimize various digital channels for their best possible use case.

Interested in exploring our Workshops? Spend the day learning about different topics such as, CX Architecture: Using Agent Insights to Design a Remarkable Experience, Using Omnichannel Analytics to Solve Business Problems and Improve CSAT, How AI Fueled Speech Analytics Works and is Driving Better PX/CX and Brand Reputation for Avadyne Health, and Maximizing the End-to End Customer Experience Through Tenured Agents Supplemented With Integrated Automation.

View the full CCW Las Vegas agenda to learn more.