Special Report: The Virtual Contact Center Workspace


The coronavirus forced businesses to test their contact center operational readiness. For most customer-centric organizations they were struggling with migrating to a virtual workforce. They were simply not in a position to rise to these challenging times.

It is time to examine viable work-from-home solutions, the virtual contact center workforce. The contact center is currently serving as the world’s living, breathing result of economic pandemonium and the virtual contact center workforce will soon be a long-term norm for most businesses.

Although migrating to a virtual workforce may seem daunting due to different industries, compliance regulations (finance, healthcare, heavily regulated organizations), and simple logistical challenges there are many benefits to consider when it comes to the virtual contact center workforce.

This report is your guide to discover viable work-from-home solutions. It will examine the benefits of a virtual contact center workforce and how to create a more dynamic, agile contact center now and for the future.

Topics in this report includes:

  • Tactics on how to prepare a virtual contact center workforce
  • The nuances of agent engagement and measuring agent performance in a virtual environment
  • How to equip your agents with the right tools and solutions to successfully provide the same level of support and care anywhere

For the 5 takeaways that can guide you to urgently migrate to a remote workforce, download the full report, free!

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