The Importance of Connecting, Mentoring and Empowering Women

By: Brian Cantor

Are you more of a “call center” or “customer experience” person? Do you focus on process or technology?

As we navigate conference agendas and networking opportunities, we often think about these questions.  And we should! With so many colleagues, sessions and exhibitors with whom we can engage, we want to pick the avenue that best suits us and our specific needs.

But if the goal is to connect with our peers, foster a sense of community and empower our success, shouldn’t we also consider more inherent identifiers that dictate the challenges and opportunities we’ll experience in our careers and lives?

That is the spirit behind #CCWomen, a program “by women for women in customer contact to build relationships, support and inspire one another, and path find practical solutions to the myriad of challenges women face in the workplace.”

Supporters of #CCWomen and passionate believers in women’s empowerment, Verizon leaders Kelley Kurtzman, Alyson Gasper, Leigh Lachman, and Erica Kelly participated in a women’s leadership panel at CCW Nashville this January.  They also joined me for a brief podcast, discussing the importance of connecting, mentoring and ultimately empowering women within customer contact.

You can listen to the podcast below.  Key takeaways include:

  • The team references a video in which young women discuss high aspirations, while adult women feel bound by restrictions.  It’s time to re-establish the sky as the limit.
  • Verizon’s initiatives include a regular speaker series, in which women have a forum for asking questions, setting goals and ultimately receiving guidance for success.
  • Empowerment is a two-way street; it involves establishing one’s own goals while also supporting others (and urging peers to provide support of their own). 
  • Great leaders lead by example and vulnerability.  They speak openly about the challenges they faced – and continue to face – in their careers.
  • Neither this campaign nor career development has a finish line.  There is always room to ask questions, challenge conventions, and establish higher aspirations.

Listen to the podcast now: