#CCWomenStrong is back! Following its success over the past 2 years, we are relaunching it again this March in honor of Women's History Month. Once again, we are putting a spotlight on all the female and male mentors/mentees to take a pledge to mentor and support the growth of women in the workplace.

In addition to that, every week, we will be featuring a different company to highlight their women’s initiative, what they’re doing to actually help support and mentor the growth of women in the workplace as well as featuring a woman in leadership to hear from her side of the story.

We would love for everyone to get involved and participate in this campaign. Together, let's create a movement where we help inspire and support one another.

Follow the #CCWomenStrong hashtag on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter see all the new pledges and features!

  1. Take a selfie or a picture of you holding the #CCWomenStrong sign [Download the sign here
  2. Post the picture on your social media channel of choice with the hashtag #CCWomenStrong and your pledge: "I pledge to (fill in the blank)..." 
  3. Spread the word! Tag a colleague, friend, mentor or mentee to also take this pledge with you. 

Purpose: CCWomen is by women for women in customer contact to build relationships, support and inspire one another, and path find practical solutions to the myriad of challenges women face in the workplace. Together, we raise the profile of women in customer contact, pursuing success together, developing new skills, and learning the value and power of our community.

Check out our brochure to learn more about what we have planned for CCWomen at CCW Vegas!

Friday, March 26, 2021 | 12:30PM ET

CCWomen Meet-Up is a community driven series where we dive into the realities of being a woman in customer contact. Open and candid conversations take place with audience participation to provide a space for women and our allies to share stories, ask questions, and find support to challenges we face everyday.

In the first iteration of the CCWomen Meet-Up series, "Don’t be Dramatic", CMP Senior Analyst, Sandy Ko is joined by Megan Merrick of Freshly to discuss:

- Women's History Month

- Work-life balance through a different lens (single or transitioning into a new family)

- Nuances around a new leadership role

- How to navigate uncomfortable and unprofessional situations and comments

- Why we need to ditch cliched labels like, “Boss Babe”, “Queen of Social Media”, and “Girl Boss”