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June 22 - 26, 2020 | Caesars Forum, Las Vegas

CCW Market Study: Contact Center Success In The Automation Age

CCW Market Study: Contact Center Success In The Automation Age

Digital channels and automation technology are changing the way we engage with customers. It is time to change the way we manage contact center performance.

We begin by redefining our vision for success. What is the true objective for the contact center in the digital era? What metrics matter most as agents shift their attention to higher-value engagement? With a new vision in place, we can pursue strategic initiatives, technology investments and training tactics that will actually make an impact for today’s customers and agents.

Featuring exclusive CCW Digital research, case studies and analysis from leading industry voices, Contact Center Success in the Automation Age will help you tackle both tasks. You’ll learn what excellence really entails – and precisely how to achieve it.

Topics include:

  • The top 3 contact center  priorities
  • Biggest signs of a successful contact center
  • Changes in contact center budgets
  • Leading CX initiatives for the next year
  • Urgent contact center challenges
  • Reasons contact centers are struggling with digital
  • 5 brand new  CX metrics you need to start tracking

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