Market Study: Modernizing Service Experiences With AI & Digital

Market Study: Modernizing Service Experiences With AI & Digital

The COVID-19 pandemic threw down the gauntlet for customer contact leaders, urging them to modernize their operations and increase agility. It was a reminder that the customer experience of yesterday is already obsolete - and sure to become even less relevant amid future change.

Granted, it also introduced companies to initiatives that can positively impact customer contact, including work-from-home, business continuity planning, automation, and digital engagement.

The key will be transforming these initiatives from “crisis response” contingencies into permanent fixtures. How will we approach remote work once a return to the office becomes permissible? How will we approach digital channels once interaction volume subsides (yet standards for engagement quality rise)?

CCW Digital’s Market Study on Modernizing Service Experiences with AI & Digital answers these questions - and many more.

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