Rethink Contact Center Learning: Elevate the Customer Experience

Rethink Contact Center Learning: Elevate the Customer Experience

The contact center landscape is always evolving and transforming. New contact channels are continuously emerging. Customer preferences are constantly changing. Innovative backend systems are routinely arriving.

Amid all that change, one thing remains constant: the importance of agent development.

Always valuable, agent training initiatives are particularly crucial right now. With self-service increasingly handling simple transactions, agents will focus more heavily on deep, nuanced, unpredictable interactions with customers. They must develop the requisite skills.

This briefing reveals how to cultivate those skills while also emphasizing business efficiency. You’ll develop agents who are more customer-centric and more productive. Topics include:

  • Why the value of training goes behind skill development
  • Five mistakes contact centers make when training agents
  • Five ways to elevate your training strategy
  • Case studies: how Vox Mobile and Birchbox improved agent development

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