Special Report: Omnichannel Chatbots

Special Report: Omnichannel Chatbots

With the customer experience landscape becoming more competitive, we must transition from discussing the hype to demanding results. As brands are doubling down on omnichannel chatbot investments and customers are asking for chatbot engagement, why are businesses not seeing an ROI? And why are customers lacking trust in a medium that they’re asking for?

This special report on omnichannel chatbots has the answers. It details your new blueprint for implementing, measuring and optimizing chatbots.

Topics include:

  • The most common mistakes in chatbot engagement
  • Exclusive insights from a Customer Experience WSJ and NYT bestselling author, Lyft social media lead, CCW analysts’ and Salesforce research
  • 5 solutions and strategies to implement more intelligent chatbot technologies
  • Emerging digital transformation trends in the CX realm

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