Rosetta Carrington Lue

Former Senior Advisor Architect & Design, Office of Information & Technology U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs

Passionate is too grave an understatement when describing someone like Rosetta Carrington Lue. Her impressive background and many accomplishments are shadowed only by the infinite determination and caring spirit she brings to every task she endeavors. 

She is a pioneer in the field of Government Customer Experience Management and has devoted an entire career to bettering the lives of everyone around her through her work. Rosetta is right at home in her current position as CEO of Lue & Associates Consulting Group where she is able to spend all her time focusing on establishing welcoming, innovative, and engaging government customer service experiences. Using her extensive knowledge and resources, she is able to cultivate meaningful interactions through the creation, implementation, and maintenance of methods that ensure a mutually beneficial experience for all. Her unmatched energy, boundless motivation, and desire to serve are present the moment you meet her and you know that when Rosetta is involved, the outcome will be spectacular. 

Prior to her current position, she served as a Former White House Presidential Executive Fellow and Senior Advisor to the Veterans Administration as well. During this time, she was assigned to the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs Senior Executive Service (SES) and was responsible for leading the efforts to modernize and transform the VA enterprise contact centers, including launching the President's 24/7 VA Hotline in order to improve the Veterans' experience. Her incredible work with the operation targeted 1,800 contact centers and processed 140 million annual calls from 9 million Veterans.

In addition to her extraordinary work with American veterans, Rosetta also makes the time to help in every way she can for several other causes, including women’s health and education. She currently serves as a national spokesperson for the Go Red for Women American Heart Association program.

Why Rosetta?

Rosetta is a truly genuine, authentic leader who isn't afraid to break boundaries and pave the way for women in all fields.  She brings an incredible story and inspiring journey to the customer contact women participating in our CCWomen initiative.