5 Ways Customer-Centric Brands Are Rethinking Contact Center Technology

5 Ways Customer-Centric Brands Are Rethinking Contact Center Technology

Customer contact leaders have long asked the question: “how can we possibly satisfy customers with such poor technology?”

Thanks to a surge of innovation within the customer contact space, leaders are now asking a different question: “how can we use this technology to more meaningfully engage our customers?”

If they do not already have advanced analytics, AI and customer engagement tools in their contact centers, these leaders at least know where to find them. They know they are a purchase order away from potentially gamechanging contact center solutions.

They may still be miles away, however, from understanding how to build processes and strategies around the new technology. It is the quest to develop that understanding – the goal of turning customer centricity from a possibility into a certainty – that defines the current state of customer contact.

At CCW Austin this September, our expert faculty will share proven insights for rebuilding customer experience strategy in accordance with recent innovation. Ahead of the event, we compiled a report on the various factors all customer-facing organizations need to consider.

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