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Special Report: Fraud Prevention

Special Report: Fraud Prevention

According to research by OpSec Security, 86% of global consumers fell victim to identity theft and fraud in 2020 – in part, because of the exponential growth in digital customer experiences and online shopping. Because of this, it’s now crucial for brands to create simple, engaging, andsecure customer experiences at every stage of the customer journey to attract and keep customers loyal. Learn how to do just that (and more), in our latest CCW Digital Research Report. Download the report to gain first-hand insights from Visa’s VP of Client Services and Operations, Microsoft’s COO of Customer Experience, and TTEC VP and GM, including:

  • Why consumer fraud is a growing concern right now
  • How to speed up customer experiences (and profits) through fraud prevention
  • The best ways to build a fraud prevention journey and reduce liabilities
  • Why contact centers should consider using a mix of AI + human training going forward
  • A real case study on how fraud prevention improves contact center operations (and customer retention)
Special Report: AI For Compliance & Quality

Special Report: AI For Compliance & Quality

Although remote work was largely instated as a critical safety measure during the pandemic, many contact centers will maintain at least some degree of at-home operations moving forward.

With this more permanent hybrid plan comes a unique set of challenges; teams are no longer physically together, making it difficult for employees and supervisors to listen-in on successful colleague communications or assist in navigating complex cases. These in-person interactions not only prompted valuable training opportunities but also worked to identify and remedy glaring quality concerns and real-time mistakes.

If companies cannot accurately monitor and optimize agent performance, they cannot ensure customers are receiving the same level and quality of support in every interaction – a particular problem as customers engage in new ways with new expectations.

Indeed, there is an urgent need to address this unique aspect of the distributed work environment, and this report will reveal how. It will uncover solutions that enhance contact center operations, improve agent experiences, and ultimately ensure compliant, high-quality customer interactions. Topics include:

  • How technology can identify broader inconsistencies in the quality of interactions to improve agent training and enact purposeful improvement
  • Ways to increase engagement and offer real-time support to agents struggling in the distributed environment
  • The importance of eliminating inefficiencies to empower agents and build meaningful relationships with customers
Special Report: Managing the Hybrid Contact Center Workforce

Special Report: Managing the Hybrid Contact Center Workforce

Organizations and leadership teams are continuing to build out their strategies for an eventual return to on-premises work. Of course, it is essential that customer service agents are well-equipped and set up for success regardless of their physical location. But what will these efforts look like? How can we ensure safety through social distancing and lowered capacities, while continuing to keep agents motivated?

These efforts must begin by prioritizing the employee experience and adapting a flexible environment where agents feel confident in being able to deliver the best possible support whether they are working on-site, remote, or some combination of the two.

This special report will cover:

  • How the current and future state of workforce expectations, changes and challenges play a role in ensuring long-term success
  • The importance of prioritizing agent engagement, flexibility and trust in a blended workforce environment
  • The top 4 considerations when working toward building a resilient, high-performing hybrid team
How-to Guide: How To Leverage Actionable Customer Analytics

How-to Guide: How To Leverage Actionable Customer Analytics

Now more than ever, companies that leverage data for the consumer’s benefit have a real opportunity to differentiate by targeting not only what is possible or likely, but what is compelling on a deeper level. By driving concrete, predictable consumer behavior through actionable analytics, brands receive answers to what will happen on a larger scale, guiding their decisions and growing their revenue.

Featuring insights and research from from CCW Digital analysts, Calabrio’s Chief Product Officer, and Mastercard’s CMO (Business Insider’s 25 Most Innovative CMO’s in the World), this how-to guide will teach you:

  • How to understand and capitalize on changing benefits of the contact center
  • How to improve efficiency in customer interactions
  • How to quickly leverage actionable customer data to improve sales, service, and customer-lifetime-value
  • How to easily leverage AI and machine learning in an advanced customer experience environment
  • How to harness larger scale data to improve NPS