Special Report:Self-Service

Special Report:Self-Service

Today’s companies know that self-service must add value for the customer instead of being a cost-saving decoy.

As the infrastructure incrementally improves from the annoying IVRs and FAQs of old, surveys find that 50 percent of customers default to self-service to seek fast solutions on their own time, while 70 percent expect to find self-service applications on a company’s website.

Self-service technologies have expanded to include chatbots, video tutorials and knowledge bases, online forums, AI-powered personal shoppers, voice assistants, mobile apps and more - each optimized for specific use cases.

It puts pressure on businesses to provide a seamless omnichannel experience that empowers their customers.

In this Special Report, you’ll discover:

  • State of the industry: how do today's companies use self-service?
  • The 8 types of self-service technologies and their best use cases
  • The 8 business outcomes you can achieve with self-service 
  • How brands like Home Depot, Amazon, Squarespace, 7-Eleven and more use self-service

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