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September 21-24, 2020 | Austin, TX

Interactive Discussion Groups | 2019 Customer Contact Week Austin

Interactive Discussion Groups (IDGs) are a unique learning format providing attendees with fast and focused exposure to leading topics. This year, we’re introducing Time Blocks (A, B, C & D) to help better organize the full schedule of sessions. Each Time Block includes Interactive Discussion Groups (IDGs) and Track Sessions that run concurrently.

Tuesday, September 17 

Wednesday, September 18

1) Review all of the content throughout the Main Conference days (September 17 & 18).

2) Choose ONE Time Block of IDG sessions to attend each day. (September 17 - Time Block A or B) and (September 18 - Time Block C or D).

3) Within the chosen IDG Time Blocks there are 3 different rounds. Select 1 IDG topic per round.

4) Join concurrent track sessions during the time blocks not chosen for IDGs. (Ex: If you choose Time Block A IDGs, then you would join Time Block B Track Sessions.)

Each IDG is capped at 10 attendees per time slot, providing attendees the opportunity for deeper connections with peers and thought leaders on each topic:

For more information on IDGs check out our blog post and IDG How-To-Guide.